Saturday, April 07, 2007


Got Nip?

Mum wuz refilling my faverit nip carrot furr me and she left the open nip on my perch.

Well I had to take advantij of the contayner being theer didn't I.

I neerly knocked it on the floor so she sed she would put it down theer furr me

This is fun. Why can't I haf all the nip like this all the time?

Oh I can't beleev how good this is.

I'm in heaven!! I'm not even bothered by Eric shoving his butt against me.
It's our purrfday tomorrow and we will be 7. If enny cat wants to teleport ofurr to us, we haf got plenty of Tem-tay-shuns and Sheba stinky goodness in.We haf got loads of shrimp, and we haf tuna water. Also we haf got nip, and all our nip toys haf been re-filled.
If enny cat wants to exploor,we can do a toor of the feelds. (Don't worry, yoo will be safe wiv us).
Ennycat and efurrycat is welcome.

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I have that catnip carrot, it is great! And wow, that is a lot of catnip you got to play in. I would love to teleport over for your birthday tomorrow. Touring the fields sounds FUN! Happy Birthday!!!

What fun, having the Nip Supply out to enjoy. Purrs and Purrs
Count us in!!! Happy Purrfday!
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
A little stroll in the fields sounds like it might be nice! You must have mice and various rodents to catch out there!
That catnip carrot is Great and it in relly goood shape for that toy we destored ours and mama got us new ones today She got one for each of us But Lilly Lu who dose not like nip is sending hers to her freind. That dose look like fun being so nipped up. I luv to teport over for your purrday

Happy purrday Eric and Flynn
That's a lot of catnip! Wow!

Happy Birthday to you! :) As we say in German: Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag! :) I hope you have a great day! :)
have a happpeeee birthday! that is a lot of nip...did you recover from it?
Happy happy purrthday, Eric and Flynn! And happy Easter too. My mum is going to Cornwall tonight for 3 days, she might fly over you. I will tell her to drop some nip down to you if she does.
Wow! You got the whole container of catnip to play in!!!!! That is so cool! We would dump it all and roll in it. Yup.

We'll teleport over today for your Purrfday Party!!! We want to toor yur feeelds. Yeah!!! Tuna water and Temtayshuns! We kaint wate!

Luf, Us
Happy Birthday! Count me in! I'll be over shortly! Should I bring anything? Oh,to meet all my new friends!

PS: MBE and KC's Mommy got me hooked on Nip Spray, I'll bring some!
Wow! That's reely nise of yore mom to let you play in the catnip container. Happy Birfday and we'll be ofur to join the party!

Happy Easter!!!!

Finny & Buddy, Grady & Gilmore and the beans too
Happy Purrthday to both of you!!! We were just rollin' in the nip ourownselfs and now we're very very wild and running all over the house. We're gonna come right over to celebrate with you.

Flynn...would you like a birthday kiss?
Deer Eric-

Rosie left this morning on hur jetpak to celebrate yer 7th burthday!!! She's sooooo eggsited. I'd come too but I gotta watch owt fur that eastur bunny!


-Cheeto (and Rosie if she was here)
Happy birthday, boys!
Enjoy what's left of the nip and havea great day!
Have a GRATE berthday, yoo two!!! Better make shur yoo have plenty of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt on hand for yer party gests!
Wow! a par-tay. I'll be there. Ooo, and I won't haf ta be on my diet cuz mombean can't come cuz she hasta work. Sign me up for a walk with Eric; a walk to the buffet!
Happy Happy Birthday! Nip is good! Lotsa purrs to both of you!
Parker, Puff, Powder & Rudy
Happy Birthday, you two handsome ginger boys! I think that we probably missed the party, but we'd love to come explore your fields with you sometime. And you can come explore our little woods and creek if you feel like coming over here to Virginia. The queen is coming next month.

Happy birthday, happy Easter!

Hey now, Happy purrfday to both of you! Hope you got all the treats you wanted...
Happy birthday, Eric and Flynn! I hope you boys had a great day!
i'm sorree i'm late fer yer birfday! i hope u had sum fun ... an weren't too "woozey" frum all dat nip! (laffin!)
luv--yer frend--jh
Happy Purrthday!
I'm surry we're a bit behind, but we hope yoo had the bestest burfday effur! Bring on the nip!
happy purrthday, lads!! may you have many, many more healthy years ahead!!

we are sorry we missed the opportunity to teleport ofurr. we remember the great time we 've had before in your fields, but our beans had compny, an' hadda visit wif them. all that nip looked wicked good!! we doubt mom'll efurr give us the nip box to raid! you have an AWESOME bean there, boys!
Hey, hope that you both had a great birthday and Happy Easter weekend too. We have that catnip carrot too - what fun!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow
Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn. I will send Kellie over for the party she loves nip too!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We hope you had a wonderful celebration.
We love cattynip. It is for cats... because it has the werd cat in it.
I agree, i am very tolerant after a roll in the nip.

Happy Purrfday. Enjoy all your nip. What a purrfday treat!

I will certainly come by if it's not too late already!
This is a bit belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you two.

Audace and Ruse just had their first birthday yesterday, and Grace and I need to get the pix off the camera and onto the computer so we can do a post about their day!

We love looking through your blog. Grace and I can get a better idea of what our guys will look and act like when they are past all this kitten-cat stuff!!

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