Wednesday, April 11, 2007


After effects of Nip.

Well we had a grate time for our purrfday. Lots of kitties teleported ofurr to see us, but now we have just about recovered furrom Nip overload. I couldn't make it off the sofa, and Eric kept complaining I was taking up too much space.

Eric had to go out in the sun in our outdoor run to sleep it off.

When we went outdoors, he couldn't even find the enerjy to walk.

Well hoo needs to walk when yoo can ride?

A bit of fresh air helps cleer yer nippy hed.
Persunly I fink dad must haf been on the nip.

About our purrfday.
As we sed. lots of kitties came to see us. Grr came speshully to give me (Flynn) a purrfday kiss, and that wuz even better than the nip.
Rosie came over on her jetpack to see Eric, so he wuz reely happy too. Cheeto couldn't make it cuz he wuz watching out furr the Easter Bunny.
We had a visit furrom MuShue Pooh, and Meeko, Kiara and Emmy who all arrived about the same time. Then Scooby, Shaggy and Scout got here followed by our new frend Oscar the puppycat. (By the way, he duzn't look like a puppy, he's deffernuttly a kitty.) Then Kellie came followed by Finny, Buddy, Grady and Gilmore.
We wuz doing toors of the feelds furr ennycat that wuz inchrestid, and shown where the vishus deer live. We had a few sightings of them, but it wuz ok cuz Daisy brought some cans of Mao and Rocky's VDR with her. We did several toors cuz theer wuz a lot of inchrest in seeing the vishus deer furrom a safe disstunce.
We took Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, Scooby Shaggy and Scout and Rosie and Daisy, and they were reely excitid to see them. Then Forty Paws arrived, so we took them down. Beezer wanted to come too, but only got as far as the food, and sed we'd better go on wivout him. Jake and Bathsheba were a bit late furr the toor, so they are going to come back again anuvver time. They have invited us to Virginia so we are reely excited about that.
So thanks guys to efurrycat who came ofurr and made our purrfday a wunnerfull day.

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That was a very very very wonderful party you had! You are such good hosts. And thanks for taking us on the tours. I had FUN!!!

I am glad you are recovering from your 'nip hangover. That wheelbarrow looks almost as much fun as my stroller! It's like a stroller convertible.
You guys really know how to throw a par-tay! What fun, what a great buffet ;)
Pee Ess It took me a while to recover too, I guess none of us are kittens any more!
You guys sure know how to throw a PAR-TAY!!! Whoo hoo!

We were wonderin' if Daisy had seen your stroller!! Looks like she's already been here!

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. We ain't gittin no more paws here at da forty paws. Forty is mor dan 'nuf. An Maw saw a squished orinch poodin on da big road this mornin.
Hope you have recovered! Nip does that to a kitty!
Thank yoo fur havin all of us ovur Eric **purr** and Flynn. Yoo all are grate hosts.

Flynn, yoo luk super nipped owt!! Eric, yer transportashun is amazing...yoo evun have yer own show-fur to take yoo anywhare! Purrhaps yoo can train him to carry tem-tay-shuns in his pockets!?!?

Yer gurlcat who thinks yoo luk supur HOT in yer transportashun device, Rosie

pee-ess, I'm rolling Cheeto off the blanket so we can cuddle on it togethur!!
Ooo, ya hadded a birfday??? An' I missed it???? Boo hoo.
Dang, we missed da party! Well, we'z glad yoo haded a happy purrthday anyway. Maybe we'll be able to coral mom fur next year!
I'm so sorry I missed your purrfday. It was all the woman's fault, believe me!

But it looks like you guys had a whale of a time. I especially like the picture of the wheelbarrow.
It sounds like you had a great party! :)

You both look really tired after all the excitement!

Being wheeled around in that wheelbarrow looks like fun!
I am glad you had a nice purrthday. I love the pictures of the wheelbarrow ride!
My mum must have flown over your house on the plane to Newquay, she says it was a beautiful clear day and she had an excellent aerial view of the Tamar Bridge when they flew over it.
we is sorry we didn't get ofurr for you party - sounds like a great time!!! happy belated purrfday
Wow, I want to take a ride like that. Where you live is very very pretty and I'm insanely jealous.

Oh I had a furry lot of fun too. I did make it, but sometimes people don't notice me with the bigger cats. I'm furry quiet.
Oh, it definately looks like you two have a nip hangover! Kellie was delighted that she was able to attend your party, and thanks you for your hospitality. She is still full from all the treats. You will have to teleport over for Kellie's birthday in July : )
Sounds like I missed an excellent party. Happy belated birthday. I like your chauffer and deluxe travel device!
Gosh, you must have been really
'nipped out if you couldn't even walk, but had to be carted around in a wheelbarrow! Glad you had such a great birthday.

That was one big cell-u-bra-shun! I'm glad yoo had a driver fur afterwurds.
Thanks again for having me! It was a blast! I'll have a party soon.

Nope, I'm not a puppy. Mommy calls me one because I act like one and sometimes I forget that I'm a cat!
Tee hee. Maw can relate to how your Mum would get confused countin all doze poodins. She duz us by 2s, sept it dunt werk if we taint in da same ruum. Den she gits confuzed an starts ofer, den we muve, den she haz ta start ofer agin!!!

Anytime u wanna xpereyense a full howse, com on ofer.

Luf, Us
MeOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Every blog I go to today they've got nip!!!! I've got no nip!! No nip for meeeeeeeeee!!!!

And we missed the party too. :sniff: I want nip too......


Sorry we missed your party Eric and Flynn! Sounds like it was fun! Happy Birthday a little late. Say can we come over some day and have a tour? I'd like to study your vishus deers. Once I'm done my Vishus Deers in the Media expose, I was planning on expanding my Vishus Deers of the North into Vishus Deers of the World.

And Persephone wants to know if she visited could she have some nip? My OTW is apparently 'stingy'

You do look nipped out and I love the picture of you driving around in you special convertible. Does it go fast? It looks like it goes fast. Purr FAZ
I understand completely, mates... you get a little older, you can't handle 'nip the way you did as a young cat...

That's mighty pretty country where you live, too...
whoa - cool! hey...sometime can I come over and we get some cozy blankets and pillows in that wheelbarrow and have your show-fur push us around for a romantic ride in the moonlight?
I am so glad that you had so much fun on your birthday. The wheelbarrow ride looks like a lot of fun and a great cure for being nipped out.
Mistrie got her first nip of the season. She rolled all ofur in it, it stuck to her furs. She was one crazy ladycat.

Hey Eric & Flynn, thanks for helping keep me cheered up during my terrible vet week! And that's a great stroller you've got there! I need an industrial-sized one like that!!

Ooohhhh we am so sorry we missed yur purrfday party! Happy late Purthday. We wuz too bizzy trying to make da hyoomans feel better dat we couldn't get away in time. It looks like you had lots of fun though. And the nice air the next day is a great way to take off that nip-over.
Hey guys,

Lookit dis article owr Paw fownd:

Luf, Us
ooooh, purrrrrrr! I'm on my way...
Datz a heelaryeeyous story bowt da billy goat! He wunted da bus fur hisef. Tee hee.

Luf, Us
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