Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Too Tired

I don't care if you do want to make the bed, I haven't finished sleeping yet.

And that's my final word on it.


And why exactly should you move? Everyone knows to leave a sleeping cat alone!

Yep, sleeping is far more important than bed-making!
Guys, I was on Kat's Cat of the Day and there are 2 boys that remind me of you two, Ruse ( and Audace (
ooh - look! the people got sheets an blankets to match your furs! our people all have black sheets, come to think of it...are they all tryin' ta make it so our beautiful furs don't show up on their stuff?

purrrrrrrr - kin I come over and snuggle?
Mum says she'd like to flop down next to you.
Everyone knows cat naps take priority over housework...
Ticke ticke

Tee hee. We do that too!! Nuffin bedder than sheets to sleep on!!

Youze boyz is bery ovserbent. Yes, we has fev-ver feederz an fev-ver baths in owr yard. Yup. We kin watch dem from owr cage an we kin watch dem from da bed owt da bedroom winder. We kin watch dem frum owr cat tree by da pat-e-yo winder too.

Las yeer durin da extreme drought in da summer, Maw put owt extra pot saucers fur all da fev-vers to come an git drinks and baths. We had gazillions efurry day!!! Maw had to clean & refill those saucers efurry day cuz der wuz no wadder fur da fev-vers anywheres!!

Bunnies and skwirrels come to da saucers on da ground too. Sometimes skwirrels sit on top of owr cage and chit chit. We chit chit back.

Luf, Us
Mom just leave us in the bed when she gets up. Sometimes we get up with her, but most of the time, we just stay put.
That bed looks made enough for me.
We hope you didn't get disturbed! Tell them it's bad luck to mess with a sleeping cat!
Whose bed is it, anyway? Yours, of course.
Ya know, the Woman doesn't make the bed here because Buddah likes it that way? My People are really whipped...all people should be!
Sheesh! Just because THEY'RE done using the bed, doesn't mean YOU'RE done using the bed! Selfish humans!!!
Momma has to wait all day sometimes to make the bed. Mittens and I take turns messing with her mind, which isn't hard.

I think the bed looks fine. Why did they want you to move?
actually the heat of your body is flattening the sheets. Your mom should know that !!

My sister, Dorydoo, does that, too! She loves to get in the bed when Momma's makin' it.
I wouldn't move either is I wuz you.
~Beau Beau
Gud fur yoo. Yoo gotta make sure yer lady knows YOO are in charge and yoo decide when YOO want to wake up frum yer 15 howr nap on the bed!
That's the way to put yer paw down ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko Ko
You look very comfortable sprawled on the bed like that. No need to make the bed.
I do this all the time it drives mom crazy.Yet she should know better by now.
I just wonder... are all Ginger Cats this way? This is EXACTLY how Pumpy behaves when he's on the bed. And lately he's taken to the bed as his favorite spot.
we didn't discover EXACTLY what was making us itchy, but here's what works now:
only Science Diet allergic/sensitive skin crunchies, Whiskas Stinky Goodness trays of mush in the morning and Innova Lite (ultra healthy and $$$) at night, plus half our previous intake of Temptations.
The Lady noticed that our former crunchies, plus our former stinky goodness, plus the Temptations, were all made by the same manufacturer. She thinks maybe we're sensitive to something they put in their products, so now we've got variety.
That would be furry nice to haf a roof on owr enclosure like youse has. 'Cept it quit rainin much heer an da meter guy in da talkin picshur box sez itz gonna be anudder unseesunablee dry an hot spring heer. Uh oh. Tell Faz to send more rane pleeze!

Oh, and Maw kwit lettin us go owt at nite cuz she dint like da door goin flap/flap wen she'z sleepin (or tryin to). Bummer.

Luf, Us
Boy, Eric you sure do look comfortable all stretched out there. Our Mom puts a sheet over the bed after she makes it so it's like sleeping on sheets, well actually it is sleeping on sheets. I guess that's why we are always on Mom's bed. She says it's better getting the hair on the sheet instead of on the blankets. That way she can shake the sheet out. Does that make sense to you. Doesn't me???

You look furry comfurrtable. I hope your mum left you to snooze!
You tell 'em! At least you've got YOUR mom trained; my mom makes me LEAVE. Imagine that.

You look furry furry comfortable. I don't usually like sleeping on the bed by myself, I prefer to have the company of my humans in it and I get up when they do.

I have posted a sleepy picture today too. It is furry windy here today, how about you?
if the scale wuz rite today, I weigh twenny pownds now
At least they have the common decency to leave you be! Mine do too, they say something about being too cute to bother.

of course you're too tired! it's in your job description as guardian of the castle--"survey the countryside, then nap".

how furry nice that you gets such lovely countryside to stroll in--we 'members the fezzunt viewing, and hopes we can do that again sometime!

purrs from the meowers
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