Saturday, March 03, 2007


Saturday Snuggles


Wow! What a nise Satterday Snuggles pikcher! I wish I had somecat to snuggle wif. Oh well. I haf hugged you bofe in Mu Shue's Hug a Cat day so visit owr blog and lern more abowt it!

Happy Satterday!

That's the culest saturday snuggles picktur weve evur seen!! Yer bowth so cute and happy!! It makes me happy just to see yoo happy! -Rosie
awww - look at that adorable nap pile. we'd all love to join you.

and extra purrrrrs & cuddles from me to Flynn!
(((( eric and Flynn)) I hugging you guys you need to pass it on to four other cats see my blog for deitals
That's a great picture!

We're sending hugs your way too! We got into the game late and most everyone's been hugged already, but that doesn't stop us from adding more. Hugs to two great British cats!

That's so sweet - that's what Silk & I did all day, practically.

Awe, yoo guys look reely comfy. We send our hugs too {{{{big hug}}}}
Oh you guys are so cute. You're so much like my brother, Pumpy, who is just a big old mushy boy. He always wants to hug and snuggle.
I wish I could snuggle with Pixie like that, it looks nice!
That is so kyooot!!! Keeping each other warm and snuggly. Awwwwww.

Luf and {{{Hugs}}},
Sedning you hugs from the hug chain and sandpaper kisses too!

My sisfur, Patches, actually let me snuggle with her. Picher on today's blog.
awwww you guys is so cute!
Wow, it looks like a perfect place and day to snuggle.
You do look snuggly. I had a traumatic weekend because I missed two meals! See my blog for the dreadful story.
What a great snuggly photo of you two ... I love to see all of that gingery fur. Meow and two purrs!
Oh that looks so cosy. Nobody wants to snuggle with me. *sniff* *sniff*
That's a terrific photo! :) My mom is going "aww, so sweet." You do look very cozy and comfortable together. :)
You guys look divine! So much orange and white love to go around.

Oooh, a kitty pile! It looks so comfy and snuggly!
That is the picture of tranquility!
That is the warmest, cuddliest, gingeryest snuggle we've ever seen!

The Artsy Catsy kitties
Ok, Maw sed "Ewwww" wen u tolded us abowt da legs stickin owt of yur mouths frum da daddy long legz.

Thanks fur wishing me a Happy Purrfday!!!

Luf, Jenny @ Forty Paws
yu bofs looks so comfy. we nefer snuggles likes that.

yuki & kimiko
Oh Eric!

Yoo are soooo grate to warn me abowt Cheeto's plan to eat me if he gets hungry like Fat Eric was the othur day. I don't like to be a tattletale but I told my lady. She had a VARY sturn tawk abowt not eatting yungur sisturs...evan if thare is no fud arownd.

One addishinal note- I've been hiding fud in the cornurs so if I need to bargain with him I have cole-atur-rul...shhhhh

Yer appreciative luvbuscuit, Rosie
How precious!
*yawn* Good idea guys.
That's nice snuggles! I used to be so jealous of your snuggling, 'cause Grumpybutt doesn't even like me, but then my OTW got Persephone and she snuggles with me like that sometimes!

Kitty nap piles are the greatest!
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