Wednesday, January 31, 2007


An announcement

When I haf finished my supper I haf sumfing to tell all yoo kitties.

Ok I'll tell yoo now. We haf seen all the diffrunt compytishuns, an we wanted to do sumfing. We wuz going to haf a purrize furr owr 1,000th. vizzyter, but we missed that, so we thought we wud do it furr owr 10,000 vizzyter instead, but that won't be furr ages. So me an Eric put owr heds togevver, and then we told mum to count all the comments we haf efurr had on owr posts. Well guess what, we haf neerly had 1000. So hoo efurr posts owr 1000th. comment will get a pakij furrom the UK. We fink it shud be within the next week. Good Luck.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Big Man Cat Monday

I'm 21lbs. of Big Man Cat.

Friday, January 26, 2007


My Three Loves by Eric

I love my brofurr Flynn. He's good furr snuggling wiv.

And when we are outdoors he catches mice and gives them to me.

I love my dad cuz he's good furr snuggling wiv too.

He duzn't efun mind too much when I knead his hed.
But he likes it better when I just cuddle him like this.

And of course I love Rosie, and I love snuggling wiv her.
Rosie, I hope yoo don't mind me "borrowing" yer pichur furrom yer post.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just relaxing

There I wuz, just relaxing an enjoying the vyoo.

Wait !! what's dat?? It's furry inchresting. Mum sez I'm seeing fings an dat theer's nuffin theer. Well mum, if yoo wuz to put yer glasses on, yoo'd see I'm watching an ant.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Carrot wars

Mummmm!!! Eric's got my carrot. He knows it's my faverit.

Hehehehe, I nefurr get chance to play wiv this nip carrot.

Yeah well now I've got it back again.

Dis is my most faverit toy in the whole wide werld.
It took me a long time to drool all ofurr it and get the smell just rite.

Awww go on Flynn, let me play wiv it.

NO!!!! Mine!!! Go and find yer scruffy rat to play wiv.
Scruffy's theer beside the balls that's behind me, and yoo nefurr let me play wiv him.

Monday, January 15, 2007


eric the Afflete.

Mum an Flynn bofe say all I do is lay around or eat. Well heers the proof dat sumtimes I am furry lively. This is my ratty an I am getting reddy to pounce on him.

Heer I go, I'll give him what for.

This is me wiv a mousie dat Flynn caught furr me.

I wuz having a good game wiv it, an I can be reely speedy sumtimes.

See I wuz that fast that mum couldn't keep up wiv me an it looks like she chopped my hed off. Don't worry Rosie, my hed is still theer reely!

I wuz that tired out after dat I had to lie on the floor wiv my fluffcat. See we are the same culler. I put the bitey on fluffcat yooshully, but I wuz just too tired in this pichur.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Look how I've grown

This is me, Eric when I fink I wuz abowt 8 weeks old. I am wiv Kitty Yum Bum hoo wuz the old lady cat hoo wuz lonely cuz she wuz the only one left furrom all her brofurrs an sisfurrs an cuzzins. Me an Flynn came to our furrefurr home when we wuz about 5 weeks old to look after her. She didn't like us at furrst, but I allus slept beside her efun though she told me she didn't want me theer.In the end she reely luvved us, an yoosed to go efurry where wiv us.

I wuz 8 munfs old heer, see I wuz a big boy alreddy. She only weighed 6lbs, an wuz a dainty lil girl.

Heer we all are togevver. Kitty YB wuz 13 when we arrived an only lived furr anuvver 2 yeers. We wuz efurr so sad when she went to the Bridge, an mum still talks abowt her to us. Mum sez she wuz her speshull girl, cuz when dad's Beans died, owr Beans adopted theer 9 kitties an had 2 of the ladycats "seen to" When she took them in, the V E T sed one wuz going to haf kittens, so she took her home again an a couple of weeks later she had 7 babies. Mum fownd good homes furr 6 of them, but no-one wanted the last one cuz she wuz so small, so she kept her. She alreddy had one kitty of her own, so that meant the Beans had 11 kitties then. Mum sez she wuz speshull cuz the ladycat wuz only just pregnant, an if the V E T hadn't notissed, then she wud nefurr haf been born. She yoosed to ride round on mum's shoulder and didn't like ennyone at all except mum. She wudn't efun let dad pet her until we came along.


Thursday, January 04, 2007


Who are yoo calling dirty?

What do yoo mean mum, I'm looking filthy?

Now I'm feeling embarrussed. How wuz I to no that all the dirt wud stick to me when the frost thawed?

Fank yoo Yuki and Kimiko.
A while ago we saw a pichur on theer blog of them eeting fishy flakes. We sed we had nefurr seen ennyfing like that befurr an thay furry kindly sent us some to try. Well we can tell yoo thay are lishus. Yoo haf to be keerfull though when yoo eet them though cuz thay stick to yer noze if yoo breeve into them. Fank yoo so much.

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