Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy Noo Yeer

Happy Noo Yeer to all kitties an all theer Beans an efun to woofies an all annymalls. Hope efurry cat an bean has a wunnerfull 2007
Furrom bofe of us an owr Beans.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Owr cuzzins

This is a pichur of owr cuzzins Micky and Monty. It's not a furry good pichur cuz mum had to scan an ordernurry pichur furr us an she finks theer must be sum dirt unner the glass on the scanner. Micky is the black floofie one, an he has a teeny bit of white on his chest an a few white furrs in his eers. He is a yeer yunger than us.
Monty is the ginger kitty an we fink he looks a lot like Kitty yumbum,owr old lady cat hoo yoosed to live wiv us. He is three yeers old an sumtimes pees on the karpit.His mum, hoo is owr dad's cuzzin sez he allus duz it when she gets sumfin noo. Yooshully he is a good boy though.Thay yoosed to haf two woofie sisfurrs too, but thay haf bofe gone ofurr the Rainbow Bridge now.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Our Chris Mouse Prezzunts

We like Chris Mouse cuz we gets prezzunts

There's treats heer sumwhere, I can smell them.

What's in these bags? I'm going to put my stink on them. What do yoo mean mum,those are yoors? We fawt all the prezzunts wuz furr us.

This fing is cawled a jitterbug. It's part of owr purrize furrom Fat Eric. Yoo pull his tale an he jitters along the grownd. We got Whiskas sachets an treats as well furrom him. Fank yoo Eric. The little bit of bloo yoo can see behind the jitterbug is a fishy on a stick. That wuz a purrezzunt furrom a horsie. That's rite, we got a purrezzunt furrom a horsie!!

That pakkit wiv the wite poodin on wuz furrom owr cuzzins Micky an Monty. Thay hafn't got a blog but we'll get mum to scan theer pichur so we can put it on heer later.

This is owr Chris mouse card furrom Fat Eric. It's got kitties ice skating on it.

Mum put all the rapping payper in heer. Wunder if I can pull it all owt again.

This is us eeting sum of owr "Thomas" treats furrom Fat Eric

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to efurrycat an theer Beans. Purrs an headbutts furr a Happy New Year furrom Eric and Flynn and our Beans.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Helping wiv the tree

Mum took so long this year getting the tree reddy we had to help her put it up. I'm just looking in the box to make sure it's all theer.

I'll just have a look and make shoor the lites are in theer.

While yoo are doing that Eric, I'll put the bitey on it.

Well I've done that, so now I'll make shoor efurryfing is in the box.

Oh no where did Eric go?

Well now the tree is up and all dekkerattid so I'd better check it looks rite.

Now how did that happen? It just fell off on it's own so I mite as well put the bitey on that too.

Eric's disappeared again. No I hafn't, I'm just guarding the tree.
Happy Christmas to all our kitty frends and theer Beans from us and owr Beans.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Fat Butt Friday

Muuuuum!!! Flynn's being mean to me again. He knows it's sposed to be Frootbat Friday.
I'd like to fank all my furrends furr saying such kind fings to me, cuz I wuz reely upset wiv Flynn furr being so mean abowt my butt. I no it's not fat,I'm just big boned, an I fink I carry my wate furry well. He's just a skinny lil wippit an finks ennyfing hevvier than him is fat.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Tummy Tuesday

Go on you know you want to give me a tummy rub

Monday, December 04, 2006


Furr Rosie

Hello my luvly Rosie. Yoo sed yoo were missing me, so this pichur is speshully furr yoo my sweetie.

Roses are red
Violets are bloo
See how my eyes glow
Furr thinking bowt yoo

Wiv luv furrom yer Eric kisses an headbutts xx

Who Dunnit?

Eric, theer's sumfing wrong wiv the lawndree baskit. The lid's gone an I can't see how to get in.

Oh silly me, sumbuddy took the lid away an put a door theer insted.

Yoo reely are silly sumtimes Flynn, can't yoo see it fell ofurr. Don't no how that happund though. Maybe theer's an evil introoder kitty arownd hoo knocked it ofurr. I'll look in this end and see if'n I can see anykitty an yoo look in the uvver end.
Mum: Don't you boys think it could have had something to do with the way you were both racing around the bathroom at a rate of knotts?

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