Friday, December 29, 2006


Owr cuzzins

This is a pichur of owr cuzzins Micky and Monty. It's not a furry good pichur cuz mum had to scan an ordernurry pichur furr us an she finks theer must be sum dirt unner the glass on the scanner. Micky is the black floofie one, an he has a teeny bit of white on his chest an a few white furrs in his eers. He is a yeer yunger than us.
Monty is the ginger kitty an we fink he looks a lot like Kitty yumbum,owr old lady cat hoo yoosed to live wiv us. He is three yeers old an sumtimes pees on the karpit.His mum, hoo is owr dad's cuzzin sez he allus duz it when she gets sumfin noo. Yooshully he is a good boy though.Thay yoosed to haf two woofie sisfurrs too, but thay haf bofe gone ofurr the Rainbow Bridge now.
they look like nice kitties. Grampa Norton usded to pee on the carpet too when he was mad at mommy.
What handsome cuddly boys! Mum and Dad have never had kitties who peed where they shouldn't. Mum figures it's just a matter of time before her luck runs out.
Cool cousin kitties.
our Lady's doin' that "awwwwwwww" thing. that means she wants to scoop them up fur a big cuddle.

cuddles and purrs to Flynn!
What gorgeous cousins you have!
Neato! You gots some good lookin' cousins too!
Yoo shood send the foto to!
That is a nice picture. You should tell your ginger cousin to join the Gorgeous Gingers.

I am furry glad you enjoyed your prize! I had a quick play with the jitterbug myself before we packed it up to send to you. It sounds like you had a great Christmas with loads of presents. I am in Devon still, isn't the weather horrible?
Ummmm, did yer peeple get yer couzins delivured in a box? We've nevur tried getting couzins delivured before. Thay are bowth vary cute (not as cute as yoo, Eric...purrr)...did yoo two pick them owt?
Those are some nice-looking cousins you've got there!
They look so nice. Momma laughed and said of course it's the ginger who did that! Our ginger used to do that.
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