Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Wide Boddy Wenzday

This is my wide boddy pichur, but I fink it just shows how luvly an cuddly I am.
I hav a little kun-fesh-unn to make - I'm lonely. Yoo all may haf notissed that Flynn an Grr haf been bizzy making eyes at each uvver, an thay are always visiting each uvver. It's fun when I see Midnight an Cocoa too, but furry often I'm the odd one out. I haf notissed that lots of uvver kitties haf been haffing romances an flirting an such, like, Sammy an Abby, Miles an Sanjee, Mr. Hendrix an Brandi, an now I see KC an Jack are too. An I expect theer are lots of uvver kitties out theer too that I hafn't menshunned.
I feel a bit embarrist saying this, but if theer is enny kitty owt theer looking furr a big soft cuddly man, well *blush* I wud be furry pleezed to visit yoo.I am furry laid back and not furry affletick, but I do haf my moments when I run rownd the room at 100 miles an hour, an I am ex-sep-shun-lee good at caching grasshoppers. Flynn caches mice furr me wich I wud willinglee sheer, an also we haf Tem-tay-shuns an Nip heer too. If theer is enny lonely lady kitty out theer, then maybe I'm yer man.
Yer post was almost as cute as yer handsum belly...I'm not reely affecshunate but I do have my mommunts too!! Also, i've nevur cawt a grasshoppur so maybe yoo culd teech me how! **wink** -Rosie
You know Eric, that ploy seems to have worked for Ping at Manx Mnews as he and Gemini are now seeing each other...
Aww, Eric please don't feelz likez that. I'm a full size tabby girl, thats not always lovey, but I wikes giving otherz baths. - Pounce

P.S. I know how you feelz I'm the odd kitty here at homez. It's Sia and Shamy, and then therez Snowy and Taps
I know Latte has quite a thing for Cheysuli! But she's really out of his league but I don't burst his bubble.

I'd love to hang out some time! But you do have to be ready to run around like a crazy kitten and then snuggle really close afterwards!

Be careful how you show off that tummy. You don't want to roll right off your perch!
whoa, Eric! looks like Rosie's flirtin' wif ya an sounds like Pounce an Kaze mite be offur ta hang out wif ya too. way ta go dude! an we like yur picshure too. ya know, as big as my sisfur Grr is, she's only 13 pounds *WHAP* ouch! why'd ya do that Grr? i didn't call ya fat, i just sed yur big *WHAP* stop that!
Eric - i gotta go hide now
Awww...we like your widebody picture. Poor Eric, all alone with no girlfriend...but it sounds like you have got several offers! My girlfriend used to be Athena but she hasn't been around much on the blogs lately.
love the floofy bellie. I think Tipper of The Crew might be a good match for you.
Not being a lady kitty, I can't help you out much, but you do look awfully cuddly and shouldn't have any trouble finding one!
I love your widebody picture. Good luck on finding a lady friend.
Oh, yeah ... That's a great looking widebody. Your belly is almost hypnotic ...
Happy Thanksgiving!
DaisyMae Maus
Deer Eric- It's ok that grasshoppurs are not in seesun. We are luking forward to having yoo ovur to my place this weekend to enjoy the mowsies Eric cawgtht.

Yoo shuld have a full bellie not a lonlie hart ovur thanksgiving! -rosie
Your a very handsome kitty you should'nt have a problem finding a lady kitty.As for me my heart belongs to Charlie.
Wow, romance seems to be in the air. Precious has a thing for Beezer (she calls him Beezie). I have to shap-a-rone them cuz she is still so little. She doesnt get very serious though, she is too silly all the time.

I have two sisters available, but one bites and the other screams. So take it from me, keep looking!
I'd offer you my sister Bathsheba, but she's too much of a geezer for you since she's 15. She is spry for her age, but she can be awfully grouchy with me.

Deer Eric- I am luking forward to spending time with yoo this weekend and enjoying fessunt fev-vers at a party with Midnite and Cocoa on Monday...I culdnt plan a bettur time myself! I cant wayt!!

Since yoo are sharing the mowsies yer brothur cawght and yoo put in the big cold box, I need to bring yoo sumthing. If yoo like "nip" I'll share my 50 pownds of it with yoo!?! -Rosie
Take my sisfur, please - hehehe I crack me up. Seriously, take Zippy! She hates me and makes scared effun tho I'm a 16 lb man cat and she's an old, old, 8 lb little princess. Um, what mom. No I'm not doin nuffin *gotta go*
Speed the man cat
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