Thursday, August 31, 2006


Some more baby pichers

This is me Flynn getting my paper work up to date

Here we are wiv Kitty Yum Bum. We came to look after her after her last broffurr went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was all lonely an started to pine away an wouldn't eat nuffin.When we came, she told us she didn't like us, but Eric said she had to be his friend an he laid wiv her all the time until she liked us.She went offur the bridge four years ago an we was all sad.

Here we are just relaxing on the sofa. Eric's showing off his hoo haa's just because he still had them then.

Eric I know you love water, but you know you can't play wiv the washing. Mum said it's too dangerous.

Mum can I haf a bigger paddling pool, cos all my feet won't fit in this one.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Mole hills and holes

There was a mole hill here yesterday, and I'm sure I flattened it, but it's back again.

I better dig an see if I can find it. I want to show Flynn he's not the only one who can catch the pesky little fings.
Can't see him, so I may as well poop in the hole now I've got it nice an deep.No point wasting a good hole.No you are not seeing that pichur. Sum fings are private!

That's better, all covered in an flattened again. I've had a good roll an left my stink on it. What do you mean Flynn, I've left my stink in it as well??

Monday, August 28, 2006


A walk in the field

Here we are out walking in the field. It looks like I've got my nose stuck in Flynn's butt, I haven't reely, just the way mum took the pichur.

Flynn wants to play,he pounced on me.

It may look like he's winning the play fight, but if he gets too much, I'll just flop on top of him .

Look we haf even got our own private door back into the garden.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Flynn The Hunter

Come on effurrybody. I've got supper furr us. Hope effurryone likes mole!!

Yep it's dead. Those vishus deer had better watch out. I's afraid of nuffin!!

Come on mum, get the barbecue lit, let's get it cooked.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Little Eric and Flynn

Here are some baby pichers of us. The picher where we are cuddled up by the books was the furrst day we came to our furrever home. The door was opened back against them, and the beans couldn't find us. They were getting in a panic, an we was fast asleep.In the picher of us playing in the wine rack, mum says Eric's head wouldn't effun fit in there now. The cheek of it!!(Don't know where the rest of that picher went. Fink blogger mustn't haf liked it.) An the picher wiv the slippers, that was our most favourite fing to play wiv. Mum had to get herself new slippers cos we nearly ate them up. An in the uvver picher we was all played out.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Pichers from the beans holly day

These are some of the pichers the beans took when we was prisoners.One is of a Roman mosaic (whateffurr that is) and it is in the hotel grounds.They said there is lots of roman ruins around that area, an they did lots of walking.

And here is a picher of Fev-vers swimming in their pond. They said they went and fed the Fev-vers effurry day with food furrom breakfast in the hotel. There are big fishies in the lake too, but they didn't bring home any fev-vers or fishies, only sneaky Bella.

And there are two pichers of the hotel. This one is from the back, and the furrst one is from the front.This is where that sneaky kitty Bella Jellycat stayed wiv them. we are not at all happy bout that.

Saturday, August 19, 2006



Hooray!!!! The beans came home last night, so now we haf been released from the garage prison. We were going to ignore them, but reely we was so pleased to see them, we couldn't ignore them. We both slept on the bed together with them, an never even argued wiv each uvver.
Mum took a picher of dad feeding the Fev-vers.He knows we like em, but he never even brought us home any, but we were in for a shock!!
They brought a stranger home wiv them. They said she is called Bella Jellycat, but we's not sure bout her. She's taking all the best places, an we've seen the pichers, SHE GOT TO GO ON HOLIDAY WIV EM!!! Now you can't tell us that's right. An if you look at the pichers, you can see she's got a drink probylem. We'll leave it to all our poodin friends to make up their own minds about her. She's gonna haf to work hard if she wants to be our friend.
Mum said we can put some pichers of the hotel on tomorrow . She said we'd better leave it furr today, cos Blogger's being a bit slow, an she said we shouldn't push our luck.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


It's a lock up!!!

We haf got bad news. This morning we came in from the garden and caught mumbean getting the suitcase out! I says to her"Mum, what are you doing wiv that? She says,"Sorry Flynnie,"(she always calls me Flynnie when she knows she's done sumfing wrong)"As you know it's my birthday on Tuesday, and your dad's taking me away for a few days." So I said, "But what are we going to do?" an she said that we has to be locked in the big garage. I just knew sumfing was up when I saw them cleaning it out and putting our carpet down yesterday.So I says to her,"but how long are we being prisoners furr? An she says it's furr five days, but reely it's only three days that we won't see you, cos they will still see us on the furrst an last day. So I spose it's not too bad, an she said dad is going to move our safe outdoors cage, which is by the bedroom window, an put it against the garage door. So least that means me an Eric can still breathe in the fresh air and watch the birdies and do sum sunbathing. She said the lady wiv the horsies will cum an feed us twice a day like uvver times, an she will bring a girl to play wiv us. Eric will be friendly cos she will haf food and treaties, but I spect I will hide. I may cum out an see them after a couple of days, but I hafn't decided yet.I've told the beans to take pichers to show us, an then we will show them to our poodin friends.We've told mumbean not to be too late home an then we can talk to our friends again on Friday.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Cuddly Tums!!

We've seen loads of pichurs of tummies lately, so here's mine. Mum bean calls me Flynnie tubbytum sometimes, but I don't know why cos it's really dainty compared with Eric's
Huh!!! call that a tummy, this is a proper tummy. Mum calls me Podger sumtimes an I tell her that's very hurtful. Us Eric's are proud of our tums.Don't know where my tail went though!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


We've Been Tagged

We've been tagged by Derby
and George, Tipper, Max and Misty.
Here are the rules:
The player of this game starts with 5 weird things/ habits about their self. In the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people/ kitties who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/ habits, and state the rules clearly, then tag 5 more victims.Don't forget to leave your victims a comment on their blog that says, "You're tagged,read my blog for details"
We are tagging:
Beezer, Rascal, Smeagol and Strider, Princess Mia and Canberra bk.
Eric's weird things:
1 This has got to be my love of water, although I don't think I'm weird.
2 Mum throws me rolled up paper and I jump and catch it, then bring it back for her to throw again.
3 When the beans go to bed I like to go and bite their noses before we all go to sleep.Got mum in the soft bit in the middle of her nose the other night when she was nearly asleep. She called me a naughty name!!
4 We got 2 vishus deer that keep going in our bottom field, and I stalk them.
5 When mum gives me back scritches, my tongue goes in and out real fast.

Flynn's weird things.
1 I don't like bean food or fish.
2 I sit in our safe outdoors run at night and yowl at the moon until mum says "For goodness sake Flynn, come in and be quiet.
3 I'll spend hours chasing Grasshoppers (and eating them)
4 If something has been put back different, I fluff up all huge and keep batting it with my paw.
5 I like sleeping in the Greenhouse, even if there is a heatwave, and I prefer sleeping under the duvet to on top of the bed

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Eric and the Water

I haf always liked water, well Flynn does too, but not as much as me. When I was a baby kitty, I fought it was a normal fing to like. It was only when me and Flynn went to the V E T that I fought, maybe it's not so normal. We went for our hoo haa hectomies and when mum came to collect us, the V E T man said I was acting a bit strange. He said I was sitting in my prison cell wif my feet in the drinking bowl. Well mum laffed an said "No that's not strange, that's just my Eric!" (I wasn't Big E then, in fact I was quite a small E) When we all goes walkies together in the fields, I like to paddle in the stream, an when I'm firsty, I drinks from the horsie troughs, an then I plays wiv the water an splashes it effurry where. Mum yells an says "Eric you're soaking me!" so I do it a bit more. he he he!!! I just love it when it rains, cos that means I can go out and jump in the puddles, then mum has to get a towel an give me a rub down. Me and Flynn don't like drinking from our bowl, so mum leaves the baff tap running slow furr us, so we drink from it and the hand basin, and then we goes all scatty in the baff. That's big fun, but the beans haf to get all the furr out befurr they can haf a baff.Here are some pichers of me playing wiv the hosepipe, when I was smaller Eric. (And a few more if naughty blogger will let me)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Bird Watcher

Here birdy birdy, come and see the nice peanuts Eric has got for you

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We got Linkies!!!

Hooray, our links are working now. We want to say a great big fank you to the Calico Girls mom, who sorted them all out furr us. We send big purrs to her. We helped our mum to put some more links on and they worked as well, so now it will be easier for us to visit all you other kitties. We want to say fanks to Derby's mum and all the uvver mums who offurred to help us too.We'll do the rest tomorrow cos we gotta go bed now, and Eric's gotta sit on dadbeans head and kneadle mumbeans shoulder, and Flynn's gotta take up all the bottom of the bed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Links- bah!!!

Please can some one help our mum. She thought she had worked out how to put other kitties links on our blog for us, cos we don't know how to do it. She spent loads and loads of time tonight doing it, and when she tried it out, none of them worked.She was furry tired and we fink she was really fed up. We'll see if we can catch her a mousie tomorrow to make her happy.
Oh by the way, Flynn says he is furry sorry about what happened in his litter tray, and he has taken note of what George said, and in the furrture he will always remember he is an English gentleman. Fank you George for trying to get him back on the straight and narrow.

Horsies- by request

These pichers are for all you kitties who asked about mumbeans horsies. Sadly mumbeans two horsies have gone over the horsie rainbow bridge cos they gotted old. The one on his own was her most favourite ever horsie in the whole world. He was called Mr. Who, and she hadded him for 24 years. She gotted him buried in his favourite field. She got a fence put round him so the other horsies can't walk over him. We like going where his grave is, because lots of mousies live there, and the horsies can't bovver us when we are looking for them.
Sometimes when we look for mousies in the fields, we don't hear nuffin cos we are concentrating so much. Then the horsies come up behind us, and snuffle our butts. Boy!!! Does that scare us. I jump 10 feet in the air (well that's what it feels like) and all my furr stands on end.Mumbean says they are just being friendly, but I don't know bout that. The other horsie was called Harvester.
Mumbean has got other horsies living in our fields, and she looks after them furr other peeps.There are 8 here at the moment. In the other picher of the two horsies with peeps on, they belong to the lady who looks after us when our beans go on holiday. Mumbean said they go to sumfing called shows, and win lots of prizes.
Mumbean finks she has worked out how to put other kitties links on our site, (and not befurr time!!!) so we will be putting them on as soon as we can.
Flynn's been a silly boy!!!!
He wouldn't want me to tell anyone this, but guess what he did yesterday.We were out in the fields playing, then when we came in he went in his kitty litter. And do you know- he thought he was still outdoors and furrgot to squat down. HE DID IT STANDING UP!!!!!!! HE PEED ON THE WALL!!!!!!! Mumbean said FLYNN What are you doing????
He said he was effurr so sorry, but he just forgot. Mumbean said it is a good job he hasn't got any hoo haas or it would stink. I don't fink he will make that mistake again. Well that's all my mews furr now. Flynn wants to do a post, so I may let him do the next one.

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