Saturday, July 29, 2006


It's raining!!!

Posted by Big Eric
Hooray!!!! It started raining this morning, and it's much cooler.We've got so fed up with being hot and exhausted all the time. The beans are happy too. They said the vegetables and flowers will be glad of it.We wanted to go out and roll in the wet grass, but mumbean said we would all get too wet. Anyway we kept on and on and in the end she gave in. She said no normal kitty would want to play in the rain, but what does she know!! We went out and raced around like a pair of nutcases. (Her description not ours) and when we came in, she said we looked more like beavers than kitties. I must remember to ask Flynn if he knows what beavers are.She took a picher of us to try and embarass us.
About two weeks ago our beans made hay out of grass in the fields, so the horses haf got sumfing to eat in the winter. Now it is all in the barn so it won't get wet. Me and Flynn haf been to check that they did it right. Here are sum pichers of us looking at it. Oh oh I'll have to do those pichers quick. Mumbeans getting the stinky goodness. Got to hurry or Flynn'll eat it all. He might be smaller than me, but he's got a big appy tite.
Purrs to all my new poodin' friends.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Thanks to new friends

Well we were so surprised when we saw how many of you kitties had come to visit our new blog. We are working our way through the list so we can visit you all on your blogs. And of course we want to say a big thank you again to Fat Eric for telling effurry one about us.
It is still very hot here. Most places in England had thunderstorms and heavy rain at the weekend, but it missed us again. We wish it would rain so we can go and roll in the wet grass. Dad bean said he is getting ear conditioner for next year. He said it will keep us cool. Don't know how it will do that cos our ears are ok. Mum bean said she thinks the heatwave is effurry where, so here are a couple of pics to cool effurry one down.
They were taken in the winter, but we don't usually get snow. We didn't like it much, it got stuck to our feet. Wish we had some now though .Bet we would cool down.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Welcome to our Awards

Thanks Kitty City Gazette.

We got the Shining Star award from Zoolatry for being their friends. Thank you Maggy, Zoey and Ann.

The Kreativ Blogger award was given to us by Ginger Jasper. Thanks GJ!

Your Blog is a Dream award was given to us by both Cheyenne Millie and The Kitty Krew. Thanks to all of you.

Thank you Siena for this pretty award.

Thank you to Ginger Jasper and Derby for the International Bloggers Award.

Thank you Ginger Jasper for the great award you made specially for all your friends.

Mum got an award of her very own. She got the Friendly Blogger Award from Babs Beetle. We were very kind to her and said she could put it on our awards page.

Thank you Rusty for the Neno's Award.

Thank you Sunny for the Golden Award.

Thank you Rusty for the honest blogger award.

Thank you Elin for the Friendly Blogger award.

Thank you Stryder, Scotchy and Sugar for the I love your Cats award.

Thank you to Ann, Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry for giving us an A+.

Thank you to Chica and Pumuckl for the Arte y Pico award

Thank you to Alfie and Milo, and PDX Pride and Chica and Pumuckl for the Friends award.

Thank you to Sassy for the Funky Blog award.

Thank you to Mickey for the Bloggers of the World award.

Thank you to Pearl, Bert and Jake, Stryder, Scotchy and Sugar, Abby, Karl and the Cat Realm for the Brilliante award.

Thank you Chica and Pumuckl, Jimmy Joe and the Cat Street Boyz for the Butterfly award.

Thank you Cliff and Olivia for the Bubblin' Over award.

Thank you Jimmy Joe for the Caring Cat award.

Thank you Sunny for the Excellence award.

Thank you Dr. Tweety for the Gold Star award

Thank you Island Cats for the Gold Card award.

Thank you Angus Mhor and Monty Q for the You make my Day award.

Thank you Daisy for the Defender Award.

Thank you Skeezix and Chica and Pumuckl for the Kreativ Blogger award.

Thank you to Casper, Island Cats, The Cat Realm for the Lemonade award.

Thank you to Camies Kitties for the Life is Grand award.

Thank you to Forty Paws, Fat Eric, Rascal, Jasper McKittencat, Sunny, Goldie and Shade for the I Love your Blog award.

Thank you the girls from Top Cat Rules for this I Love your Blog award.

Thank you Cat Street Boyz for this You Make my Day award.

Thank you to China Cat, Jan's Funny Farm, Abby, Black Cat and Sunny for this Make my Day award.

Thank you to Peach Man for the Nice Matters award.

Thank you Grr, Midnight and Cocoa for the Pawesome award.

Thank you to ML and KC for the Pay it Forward award and for their help when Blogger locked us out.

Thank you to Patches and Nemo, Jimmy Joe, Vampy Vic and Grrreta for the Proximidade award.

Thank you Chase and Forty Paws for the Rockin' Boy Blogger award.

Thank you Mickey for the Totally Hip award.

Thank you BeauBeau and Angie, Catzee, The Furry Kids and Momo for the Thinking Blogger award.

Thank you Jimmy Joe for the Toadally Awesome award.

Uh-oh, we can't remember who gave us this award, but thank you anyway.


Friday, July 21, 2006


A few photos

A few photos that mum bean has taken of us over the last couple of months.

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