Thursday, February 05, 2009



What has happened??? Our cat tree has fallen over and it is in bits!
This needs checking out. This hole should be on the side, not the top.
Yikes! The top platform is missing too.
Oh it's okay. Dad just told me it was getting wobbly so he was beefing it up before it collapsed.
I've heard that Flynn is spreading rumours that it is my weight that made it wobble. Don't believe him. It's not true.

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Eric, I'd never believe it would be your weight-just your enthusiasm! A stone of cat at a dead run would put the hurt on any piece of furniture! I should know!
Oh no, that's a disaster! Do you guys have insurance?
I am glad your male is so pro active! Now you will really be able to get wild on that cat tree!
oh yur dad must git it trees r furry impawtant!

Hope your daddy fixes up your tree and makes it safe. Don't pay any attention to your brother, your weight isn't a problem. You are just right!!
Oh no, hopefully he can fix it!
I fink it might need a bit of strengthening to hold that double dose of mancatliness.
We have a cat tree too, funny though, the humans call it a wait bench. I don't know what they're waitin' for.
That cat tree doesn't have good strong quality~!!!
You both are very light~ I can sure your dad could fix it in no time!
Phew! That's a relief! When we first saw it we wondered what kind od commotion might have caused such a topple because ours weighs a ton and can barely be moved!
You are lucky that your daddy is repairing it for you before it collapses. That would not be fun at all.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We hope your cat tree gets fixed soon...and Eric, we're sure your weight had nothing to do with it!
You have a good Dad to make sure your tree stays sturdy!
I hope your tree gets fixed! That's very nice of your daddy to try and repair it!
you haf a good daddy to fix it before disaster!
We are glad your Dad is a good fixer and he will get that Ct Tree right back up and running in no time!! Mooooommm why don't we have a Cat Tree???
Your FL furiends,
i would NEVER believe that!

smiles, auntie bee
We wouldn't beleeve no rumors like dat. Good fing yore Daddy can fix yore cat tree tho!
We don't think weight has any thing to do with it. Trees get wobbly gause we climd them and scratch them and jump on and off them! Yeah, that's it!
You just play on it a lot I bet. It's not your weight at all!

Purrs, Sukie x
We hope Dad gets to it quickly!
Yikes! I thought your tree had collapsed! I'm glad that it's just in for servicing.
Oh my! Mom needs to take all our cat trees apart and fix them but she'll never do it.

Hope yours is fixed soon!
Whoa, it's getting fixed up. We thawt maybe der was a earth shake and it gots knocked down or something. Yoor dad's more active den ours, we're still waiting fur him to finish da perch in da back room...of course, he hasta first move all his junk so mom can clean in der.
They just don't make cat trees like they use to. Eric, it is not you that is the problem. We like you just the way you are.
Your dad will make it stronger for you two and it don't matter how much you weigh, I sure do like your colors, especially your tail.
Yep, that's what siblings do -- spread rumors. Sometimes it's tough to be so loved, isn't it?

Glad your post is only in for repairs, not burial.
At first it looked like the introoders had gotten to your cat tree. We're glad it's just that your dad is fixing it.
Dear Eric, we are quite certain that your "floofiness" had absolutely nothing to do with the cat tree's need for repair! *purrs*
Well that is just rude.
Eric we know da feelin. We had ours taken apart to be fixed too. It wasnnt long afore it was all set. We hope yers gets fixed quick too!
I had not heard that rumor, and if I did I would know it was false, Eric!
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