Tuesday, November 04, 2008


What Will Jeter Think?

Dad brought this hat home furrom Boston when the Beans were on their Holly Days. Duz he expect me to wear it?We don't wear hats, they should know that by now. Maybe I will just try it furr size. Does it look good on me like this?

Or maybe it looks better this way around. What do you think Flynn?
I don't know Eric, but I think dad made a mistake. What will Jeter think when he sees us wearing them? I did tell him to bring home a Yankees hat.
I haf to say I am feeling embarrist about this. What were the Beans thinking?

Hey maybe Lilly Lu will like our pikchurs in our new hat. We'll haf to try and make it up to Jeter later.

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A hat??? No sir! We kitties do not like hats on our heads!
i think you look pretty cute myself...

smiles, auntie bee
So long not to see you~!
I am glad while I see you back you are trying to wear hat ~!
It's cute~ But I can see you are not very please about it!
Great hats, boys!
Mum says she wishes she'd known you were in Boston, you all could have visited.
We think kitties look good in hats- even Yankees hats! (Don't tell Dad!)
Free at last, free at last, I am so happy that you two are free at last.
I like the hats, maybe you two just aren't used to wearing them????
That hat is soooo last year's fashion. This year is the phashion of the phillies!
I'm sure that Jeter will understand... eventually.
We think Jeter will forgive you. He's pretty easygoing.
Well, just get them furred up as much as you can. We are so glad those people are home!!! We've missed you!
Maybe Jeter will get you the correct hat.
So glad your beans are back home!!!!!! We missed you! I am shocked to see you in a hat though!!

purrs Goldie and Shade

We are taking a wee break but will be back next week.
yay! your beans is home!
hats are not for cats! hee hee
We're thinking you guys don't like that hat very much!!

Hey, we are so happy your beans are home! We missed you two!
It's a very nice hat but I would not wear one either!

Purrs, Sukie x
Yer dad did the right thing. See if yoo in Massa, Massachu, Massachusee... THIS state, yoo is a SOX fan! Well dat's what the big male bean says.

Too bad yoo wasn't wif yer beans, yoo cud has swung by fer a visit, Boston is bout 45 mins away from us (30 mins on a good traffic day).
I don't fink I wood wear a hat eiffer....so don't feels bad bout dat. Ummmm Jeter whaddaya fink?

You do look very cute though :)
Well just tell Jeter the red hat matches your red fur.
Furst, cats don't wear hats! We'z not sure but we think da beans woulda hadda go to NY to get yankee hats...we bet Jeter won't be to upset, he's purrty cool.
Wearing hats is very, very hard!
We do not wear hats, of course. But if we did wear hats, that is the one we would wear because our Grampy is the biggest Red Sox fan there is!
I think your Dad chose the wrong team :-p But the red hats do match your furs good :-)
See we wonder why not a Phillies hat! But the Red Sox are second in our book.

Oh YAY! Your beans are home! Isn't life better when the beans are around to do your bidding?!
Wait a minute your Dadda went far away and all he broughts you back was a silly hat?!?! Naughty Dadda!?
hehe You are such a good man though to be so placid about them trying to put it on your head.. I getz antsy with hats hehe :)

Guess what...now our Phillies are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! Mom is looking for a hat that will fit our heads and a flag to fly outside! Mommy visited Boston twice and LOVED it and also Martha's Vinyard...she stayed in Edgartown. Did your pawrents visit the Cheers Bar?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
You guys look great in that hat!!!
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