Thursday, November 06, 2008


No more packing.

The suitcases are all emptied again and I am going to sit in this one to make sure they don't pack it again. If they do try, they will be packing me too.

In fact I think I will have it for a bed. Huh! mum says she wants to pack it away, well tough luck. It's mine now.

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We try to pack ourselves everytime the suitcase gets out with no luck. Glad to see you guys back. We are new to blogging but have been reading all about you for awhile.
-Patches and Nemo
I never get packed either. Mum puts me in the PTU and takes me to the kittie spa.
haha Eric do what my man cat friend did..
Pee in it, all through it, make it nice and stinky so they can never take it anywhere again hehe

Let me know if that works! I need to keep my mom at home a little more!
I think you are very smart to be in the suitcase already. That way they can't use it.
Eric, your beans were away for a long time this time. I knows you are glad they are home and I hopes the suitcase goes away for a while.

Just in case though, you make sure there are lots of ginger Eric furs inside.
Eric, we are glad your beans are home. Are they home for a while so you don't get left home again?

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We heard Mom say she'd be going to visit our Aunties next weekend. We would start sitting on the suitcases now if we knew where they were!
good idea Eric. you should try and figure out a way to get them all the way out of the house
It doesn't look like your beans are going anywhere again, you look like you took root in that case!

Whicky Wuudler
You stay in that case as long as you like, I say

We are purring for peace
Sukie, Livvie & Mitzi x
I would make the suitcase my permanent bed, then they could never go anywhere. At least not if they wanted to pack anything.

Purring for Peace...
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
hahaha The bean girl goes away every other weekend and we sit on her case when she gets back too! It works fer a squillion days and den she is packed again :(
Great job, Eric! Please let me know if your plan works.
Of course it's yours now! Victor and I agree 100 purrcent.
Purrs, Eric!
I think it is a great idea to sleep on their bags. I love to do that, too.
YOU have a great idea there!

Good idea, Eric! All you need now is to drag a few toys in there, use one of the pockets for treats, line it with your fur throw, and you are all set!
Eric...we hope you stick to your guns and don't budge from that suitcase!
I didn't know those were suitcases, I thought they were cat-playhouses. We had one sitting in our mom's bedroom for a few weeks but we got too rough with it, and it disappeared. Maybe we scared it off.

We are glad your people have returned to you, we missed you.

Abby & Stygia
Eric, you're right! I can tell that's yours. Your Mum will have to wait until you're willing to give it up ;-)
Hi Eric and Flynn! Glad to heer your beans ar back. Hour mummy and duddy makes us mad too whens day go away n leeve us homes aloone. Hour mummy is still lookin four treets four you-- she keeps callin dems greenies. dat don't sound too deleceious. I fink they wood sound more deleceious if day were called mousies.
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