Thursday, November 13, 2008



There was a branch from one of mum's shrubs hanging out, and it was saying to me,'Play with me,' so I did.
Flynn just watched.
Sometimes it is good to just play on your own.

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You are a pretty boy, Eric. I love your white swirl! You are as big as my boy Seamus. A perfect snuggling size.
You look great playin there!!

thank you so much for thinking of tesla during our hard time! We're still not completely better, but we're on the right track! thank you so much!
Branches can be very enticing!
I have to play by myself all of the time. You're lucky to have a brother around to play with.
Eric must be more like Gandalf and Flynn more like me. Gandalf likes to play a bit more than me. Me, I am more of a sleep connoisseur nowadays. -Grayson
Now that looks like quite a lot of fun.
oh my gudness, my handsum dubbul fudge chokolate brownie, yoo are so furrroshus in thowse pikturs. I'm so luckie to have such a skilled protektur to protekt me frum dangling twigs!!!
I just knowz Eric that you woz getting ready to do a Tarzan!~! You should have man!! that would be cool!
Momma loves your beautiful green grass! :)

It's fun to just play for play's sake!
Eric you boyz are living the good life. Enjoy the branch.

Thanks for saying I have a great butt.
The bean is starting to hum the muppets song, 'somebody come and play today'...
Now she is upset cause that'll be stuck in her small brain ALL day long.
Can I play too?
Playing on your own is a good idea sometimes :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Eric, sometimes the best toys are the ones that aren't meant to be toys!
Eric I dont know why they say girls only wanna have fun, they should say BOYS only wanna have fun cuz you sur look like yoo is enjoyin playin and playin and playin...

That looks like lots of fun Eric!!
I'm easily amused, too!
Yeah! Rolling about is what it's about today. Twigs must be played with and cats must roll about!

Are you branching out in your toy selection? Hahahahaha!
Wow yer yard is furry green still. When we look out its covered wif the alien leaves!
Sometimes playing with a twig can be very fun!

Luf, Us
That looks like a great game!
That looks like a very wonderful toy. All natural too
That twig looks like lots of fun. Let us know if you need any help with it.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar
That is a great toy you found, Eric :-D It's so cooperative with play, too! Unlike your brother :-p
That looks super fun!
What fun you had! How nice of your brother to just let you go for it!
You mean it actually STOPPED RAINING where you are? Not fair!

By the way, my human wanted to say she really liked your humans' holiday pictures. Especially she would like to go and see the LM Montgomery/ Anne of Green Gables house. When they went to Boston my humans went up to Concord on the train and visited Louisa Alcott's house and did the Little Women tour.
sticks is fun!!!!!
Yup, sometimes it's funner to play by yoorself and let some other kitty watch...
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