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Furrst of all I would like to thank every cat and woofie who has sent me their purrs and good wishes. I was amazed at how many of you came to visit me. It means a lot to me and my Beans and Flynn for all your encouragement you are giving us.
There is not really much change from yesterday. Mum did cook me some fish last night and I ate half a dish of it. Mum duzn't think I yakked it up, but I am very good at hiding in the garden when I need to yak. I could tell her if I kept it down or not, but I'm not going to. Keep them guessing I say.
This morning I yakked white froth, but no hairballs. Usually I am very good at hurling hairballs. I am getting loads of pooping paste put on my paw three times a day to lick off. It's about three times as much as I should normally have. If it is a hairball causing my problems, (and we are all hoping it is a hairball) if I poop it out, there's going to be one big explosion.
I am taking it easy just relaxing on the compooter or in the sun in the garden. Mum sez she'll take me furr a gentle walk later.
Please keep purring furr me.
Thank you furrom Eric


We're still purring. We only get to eat dry food (a treat sometimes is the wet stuff)... our Zoolatry Dad usually puts a little olive oil on it... it kind of keeps our innards greased and running smooth. Maybe dat would help?
Oh Eric, we were just reading about your problem now! Hope all goes well soon and the hairball (if it is one) will come out soon!
Purrs and snuggles, Chica & Pumuckl
Eric, we are sorry to hear that there's no real change. We will continue to purr and pray for you, and hope that hairball comes out soon!
Oah Dearest Eric,

Sorry I am late to know about this~!!! I am so concerning about you!!!!
Maybe some x-rays could scan if there is any wrong? Oah I really hope you are doing ok!!!!

I am purring purring and praying for you!!!

Adan & Lego
Eric, you poor little guy! We're sorry you haven't yacked it up yet and are still feeling icky sicky. Purrs and purrs just for you, buddy!
I am still purring very strong purrs your way to get that hairball out, Eric!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
....I wish you well...and thanx for having such great buttz.....
Eric, we are sending you all kinds of healing purrs ... We hope a hairball explodes from your butt soon (I never thought I'd say that to anyone) and that you get feeling like yourself again!
Eric, we hope that you are feeling better very soon!

Big E, I hope you has a big hairy poop soon. You relax and take it easy and I'm going to purr up a storm for you.

Poppy q
I don't think it's nice of you to keep your Mum guessing if you're yakking or not. I'd probably keep you inside for 30 minutes or so after eating to see if you yak it up or keep it down. You should be cooperating with your Mum, and telling her everything cause she's very worried about you. Like all of us are. I know I'm worried and I'm purring for you, Eric. I hope the next time I check you've had a HUGE furball POOP or YAK!! That would be great!
Oh Eric, we really hopes you are feelin' better furry soon. We're purrin' our furry hardest that it's a hairball and that you get it out one way or the other!!
I hope it is a fur ball and comes out soon. MB says that thats how her other kitty used to be with a fur ball too.

Purrs, Sukie X
That's gonna be one epic litterbox trip! Now go do it so you can feel better, already. I need some manly mancat help gettin rid of this bunny in the yard.
Oh, Eric!
Do what you need to do and have a GINORMOUS poop. You really will feel much better.
Kisses and purrs,
Toby, Cupcake and Mum
Oh Eric, I hope you poop or yak up a big ol' hairball very soon!
We are purring and praying for one or the other!
Eric, I hope you start feeling much much better soon and get all that nasty stuff out of your system.
We hope you feel better soon, Eric. Sending purrs.
Awww Sweetie Pie! We are still sending you tons and tons of purrayers fur yur heelin'.

Luf, Us
Eric, If that is a hairball - and we hope it is - please stop hiding it and let it out!

We send purrs and tail wags,
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze get better soon dearest Eric. You are much loved dude:) xxx
We are still purring and purraying that you yak up a hairball really soon Eric! We are worried about you ...
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan
Eric, at the risk of sounding indelicate, I hope you poops out a big hairball and start feeling all better. I will keep purring and purring for you.

Dat iz a lot o' poopin' paste. Yikes! pleeeze do nots ex-plode. I cannot standz to see hariballzez & Eric goez flyin'. I tinks you can gets out of dis jam witout ex-podin'. So we are ciontinuin to purr here.
Oh Eric, we hope you will feel better soon. We hope it is "only" a hairball. We hate the poopin paste! (but we lick it anyways.)
I hopes you are doin' better!
Hairballs are just the worst.

Mine mombean sez she gets hairballs in the bathtub drain from time to time, but I don't thinks ya wanna take what she pours down the drain for those.
I hope yours comes out one end -- or the other soon!
we hope yoo do get better soon. maybe its the heat makin yoo sicky, if its hot there. owr beans figured ow thats why one of owr woofers was trowing up, he was taking his kidney pills and hen he went owt and played and got too hot, so now he gets them when he comes in from playing instead of before he goes owt.
We are sending many purrs and healing thots yur way Eric. We don't know what yoo ate but it needs to come out (one end or da ofur). Yoo want we should come ofur and squeeze it owt of yoo? We are furry worried about yoo. We don't wants anyfing bad to happen to yoo. We lufs yoo.
Me and mum will continue to purr for your. Actually I don't think mum will be purring, but purraying for you to feel lots better.
Oh my goodness, I didn't realize that you weren't feeling good. I am glad that you are doing better today. Opus and Roscoe did what Eric is doing awhile back, if you need questions answered check with their mom of the house. I know they had to eat special food and stuff. They are doing great now as you will.
Take it easy.
Ugh, doood, you know if you don't present with with a giant hairball son, they're going to shove a tube down your throat and take it out. I don't imagine that will be pleasant. Though, when the Woman had something like it done, she said it wasn't half bad and she did like the drugs...
Dear Eric,

We agree with everyone else sho is asking you to go ahead and poop that hairball out already.

My big sister Kali is now copying you and yaking up whatever she eats. Mom's waiting until Mon. to take her to the vet, but my sister is so old that we're pretty sure that she'll have to be helped to the bridge.

We think you're too young to go the the Bridge. So we're a puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr really hard for you. Please get better already.
We have been keeping you in our purrayers and purrring hard for you to get rid of that hairball!
~ Miss Emily and The Bunch
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