Sunday, June 01, 2008


Easy Like Sunday

Yes it's me again. I'm on a roll now and I'm going to see how long I can keep Flynn off here. Hehehe. The Beans will be out most of today so I am going to guard the tomato plants.
We just noticed this is our 401st post. Hmphhh we missed #400

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WOWZA!!!! HAPPY 401!!! By da way.. are you gonna peez on doze tomater plantsez Eric???? Y'know, a itty bitty bit of nitrogen nevfur hurts!
Happy 401! Woo Hoo!
Oh, Eric? Have I told you latley how handsome you are?
You look very comfortable. Do you eat tomatoes?
Congratulations on 401 posts! Eric, you look very handsome out there guarding the tomato plants! You may not know this but I love tomatoes. To me, the can opener noise means either tuna or tomatoes and I get to lick out either can!

Purrrrrrs, Willow
Congrats on having so many posts! And I am glad you have set yourself to such a high goal of guarding those tomatoes!
Happy 401st post! We are going to hit the 100th on Tuesday! So still far away from the 401 :-)

Great job in guarding the tomato plants!
Woohoo, another Eric Day! Congratulations on your 401st post.
You did not miss it, you just didn't notice it! And guess what Eric? It was Eric's Day, it was all about you! Woo-Hoo!
401 posts? Wow that is very impressive!!

You are doing a great job protecting the tomatoes. Soon time to plant them.
Happy 401!

We have some tomato plants too, wanna help me guard them from the bunny?
HAPPY 401! How are those tomato plants doing?
WOW!!!!!! Happy 401 POSTS!!!!!!!!!
Awesome :)
You are lookin' good Eric!! That looks like a nice place to relax too!
Purrs Mickey
You make a wonderful guard kitty, Eric, and you have a wonderful place to relax in at the same time! Congrats on your number 401 post ... that is a lot! We have a long, long way to get there ... hee hee!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Eric, you are quite the handsome tomato sentry. Big congratulations to you and Flynn on your 401st post!!!

Rocky & staff
Awesum dude! That's cool!

Luf, Us
Happy 401 post. They are most entertaining. Keep up the good work.
Hey, that looks like a fun place to hang out, Eric! Are tomato plants yummy to munch on? I've never tried them...
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Looks like a great place for a nap.
Congratulations on your 401 post :)
Yu are a good farmer to keep the plants safe. Specially when they are kitty grass or nip. I hopes your beans aperish-ate all the hard work yous doin'!
KC said...
OK, this is Eric's Day Two, right. We's counting. Hee hee.
And Happy 401. Just fink, bof tha 400th post an tha 401st post were ERIC posts! Yay!
Yeah, but the 400th Post was on Eric's Day :-D How sweet is that!

PS: You're doing a good job guarding the tomato plants.
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