Friday, April 11, 2008


Weight Loss

We wuz weighed this morning and mum is furry furry happy. I, Flynn, am back down to my usual weight of 14lbs. I did go up to 16lbs through the winter.Well I, Eric, haf done even better. I am now........Dah Dah! 19lbs!!!! That is the lightest I haf been furr the longest time.Mum finks it could be less mousies through the winter, and now we stay out in the garden at night until the Beans go to bed. That means instead of sleeping on the sofa, we're out walking around. We're glad we got that purrizzen fence now.We won't be any compytishun furr this cat. He weighs 35lbs.
If anycat saw our post earlier wiv the huge writing, mum re-wrote it and deleted the original. We don't know what happened, must haf been a Blogger blip cuz she didn't do anyfing diffrunt to usual. Sorry Momo and Adan, your comments got deleted as well.

Orazio the 35lbs cat.


WOW, actually...Seaborne thinks this kitty is just extra fluffy!

Seaborne would...since he weighs 23 pounds! Hee Hee

Zip it Sam!
Wow! I am feeling like a lightweight! Hopefully Shade will lose a bit of her winter weight now that Spring is around the corner.

That other cat is HUGE!!!! He weighs more than the wee-est one here. Wow! I don't think the PM could handle him lying on her chest.

purrs, Goldie
hey Flynn, I weigh 16 lbs!!!! - Miles
This cat is not a cat anymore! We never weighed Chica and Pumuckl but I guess Chica is not more than 2.5 kg. Congratulations on your weight loss!
Wow, that's a huge cat! That can't be healthy!

Congratulations on your weight loss. :) Just like being overweight isn't healthy for our humans, it isn't healthy for us kitties either. We are glad you are both doing so good. :)
Eric and Flynn
Momma is also havin trubbles wif blogger,so it's not juss yu...
Concats on yur weight loss dat is grate!
Mom says I only weigh 5 1/2 pounds. But, I have a lot of floofiness....
congrats on the weight loss.though i thought you guys looked great before too. nothing wrong with a little winter padding. helps keep us warm! that picture of that cat is scary. imagine if he rolled over on you. yikes!
Hooray for getting down to your svelte selves again! That poor kitty, he's too fat.
Well that's a relief. Glancing at that photo, for a moment there I thought perhaps Flynn ate Eric (or vice versa.)
Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a very good accomplishment and I think you should be very proud.
OH wow! We have never seen a kitty that big! Not even Dante is that big, and we thought he was huge!!! Congratulations on the weight loss guys. You are two sexy kitties!!
Oh my goodness: we are just a mere 6.25 pounds each! The Zoolatry Human would need to invest in
XXXLitter Boxes if we grewed more.
What are we in "stone"?
Congrats on your new,sleek bodies!!! ;)
I bet you can run faster too,heehee Those mice better watch out!!!
Purrs MIckey
congratulations! our Lady lost 36 pounds since September and she's thinking that at the weight she was, it was like she was carrying that fat cat in the picture around with her all the time. yikes!

hey - my word verification is GRCOMBT. I think that's pronounced "Grr combed". I don't like to be combed.
You two are doing GREAT, keep up the good work and the exercise routine! Maybe you could find some low-cal mousies ... hee hee!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Congratulations on your weight loss - you guys should be very proud.

I haven't been weighed in a long time, but Mum thinks I look a "bit" thinner - I hope so.
Wowie, conCATulashuns on yur weight loss!

And Holy Cats, that big orange kitty is GINORMOUS!!! He looks like my bruther Brainball, only he's ofur twice as big (Brainball is sixteen poundsies)!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Ooooooh! I thought that kitty was another one of the April Fools joke. Congratulations on the weight loss. Do you normally loose weight in summer? Mine stays rather stable all through the year.
That is very good news you two have lot a couple of pounds each!
That fellow canNOT be happy at that weight, and although his Staff is smiling, he looks unhappy. Yahoo for you, Eric, and you, Flynn, for reaching a healthy cat weight-that means you live longer and better! I like that!
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