Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

It was another nice sunny day today and the temperature got up into the mid 60's, so we decided to lie out in the sun and show off our tummies.
We know a lot of you get confoosed as to which is which of us, so we haf put our names by our pikchurs.
This is me, Eric. You can rekkernize me cuz apart furrom being bigger than Flynn I have all white shoulders and a ginger nose.
And you can rekkernize me, Flynn cuz my nose is white, and I haf a ginger patch on each shoulder.

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Flynn, yoo look like yoo are dancing on da ground. It could be da new fad, ground dancing. Not too much energy needed but still da best looking dancin' poses.
Thank you for teaching us how to tell you gorgeous gingers apart. Sometimes it is hard to know.

You boyz look all nice and warmed up in your garden. I hopes you gets lots more sunny days to enjoy it.
Uh oh!!!! Watch out--I see my human reaching her hands out to rub that tummy!
Umm, okeedokee...so Flynn haz da tum tum, & Eric haz da patchez on da shoulderz... No wait! I mean, Eric haz da tum tum & Flynn haz da patchez... no dat iz not right either.
Actually, you both haz da tum tumz, justee likes me!
yoo can also rekignize my semi-sweet chokolate nugget Eric because he is the most handsomest mancat evur! Pleeze don't get upset Flynn cause yet hadsum too! Yoo take a clowse second.
The Party is on, drop by anytime, we have "Lizards - ALL You Can Eat"! And lots of fun.
You both have such cute tummies! We've always used your noses to tell the difference between the two of you. Thanks for the shoulder tip!
Mombean: Hubba hubba, boys! :D
Cute tummies!
Thank you for helping us tell you guys apart. We get confused sometimes. :)

Oooooooooooooo, TWO tummies! Fantastic!! And such beautiful tummies, too! =)
Ahhhh now dat is da life...

Oh WOW, you guys sure showed off your tummys! You both have very cute tummy's!
Don't forget to turn over so you can get some sun on your backs, too. You would not want an uneven tan!
But you both have adorable floofy white tummies - and that's all we can see :-)!
That is great that it was nice out and you got to go outside and show off your tummies. You both have gorgeous tummies :-D
You are two lucky gingers. You look so happy outside in the sun.
You two are GORGEOUS BOYS! But I still think I would be hard pushed to tell you apart without the description! x
You are both very handsome gingers!
You guys look just great. Soak up some sun for us. We only get to sun ourselves indoors!
such handsome tummies! sorry we never got to the book tag thingy. moms been too busy messing with the baby bunnies lilly won't feed. i haven't even gotten to do a post. geesh, the neglect around this house sometimes!!!

Oh my cat! Lovin' those tummies!
it's the white vs ginger nose that the Lady always looks for when she's trying to tell you two apart. she does better telling you two apart than she does with pictures of us sometimes.
Look at the bellies!!! Look at the bellies!!!!!
Sorry that was Mom :) You two have nice tummies though,heehee
Purrs Mickey
I went out and rolled on the porch today! But not with permission. hehe I ran out side when momma took out Renna! I got a couple good rolls in the sun before momma took me back inside! ~Queen Snickers
Thanks fer helping us figure you two out! Nice tummy shots!
Thank you for the wonderful explanation on your who is who! Now we will all never forget! :)
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