Saturday, March 08, 2008


Two Erics and a Flynn

When we wuz looking in the fields furr mousies on Thursday, the Meezers said we should take dad's tractor and drive up to Fat Eric's cuz his mum saw mousies in their garrij eating the fevvers seeds.We thought that wuz a great ideer, so we went to visit him and had lots of fun chasing the mousies around his garrij. His mum thought we wuz playing herds of thundering ellyfants. After we rounded up the mousies, which were furry tasty we might add, we asked Eric if he wanted to come back wiv us and try some Devonshire mousies.He thought that would be a wunnerful ideer. We took him to the hay barn and he got reely eggsited cuz he said he had never seen so many rats and mice. We chased them efurrywhere. He even had a go at driving the tractor. It wuz a bit skeery when he wuz driving and watching the fevvers flying at the same time cuz he neerly drove over Big Eric who wuz watching a mousie unner the bale of hay.
After all that eggsitement we were all eggsawstid and napped in the hay. When we woke up sumfing strange had happened. We all had the same dream that a mousie wuz watching us nap, and wuz giving us loving kisses.It wuz such a vivid dream it wuz almost as if it had reely happened.Fat Eric said he had to go back to London then cuz his Beans would wonder where he wuz, but we all agreed we had the bestest time, and that we would haf to do it again.Eric said he would teleport home so we didn't haf to drive the tractor all the way up the motorway and back again.
Fanks to Zoolatry furr the great pikchurs.

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We had the BEST time, didn't we? I never thought I would get to have a go at driving a tractor! My mum is furry grateful that we de-moused our garage. She said you can come back any time.

(P.S. Has your mum found out yet that you used her credit card to buy fuel to get the tractor to London and back??)
These are very very funny and sweet image~~~
Zoolatry is really creative!
wow, an eggshulant adventure, that was grate!!!

smiles, auntie bee
What a fun adventure all you ginger boys had.

poppy Q
Oh that was Gingerlicious! Zoolatry is wonderful!
Wowee! What a fun adventure! Our daddy just bought a new tractor for his and momma's country home, but we don't get to go there so we guess driving it is out of the question! Dang!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
What a grate adventour! Good fing that tractor is kitty driveabul. What an odd dream you all hads!
That's a grate advenchur! Good fing nocat got runned ofur. Interestin dreem and yoo all hadded it. Dat's strange!!!

Pee Ess. Those are all my furs on the carpet, you guys. I'm shedding. Isn't it great? It shows up so nice on that grey carpet!
Oh my! We loved that so much. We were reading along, and admiring each picture. It's SO good!!!

We had a big spider this morning. Mean mummy woke up 17 year old Alessandro and they sucked it up the vacuum cleaner!

WE WANTED TO EAT IT! It was big enough to keep up happy for days! Why did she feed it to the vacuum cleaner? Does she love it more than us??
Fat Eric looks like he could be your brother! Those are some of my most favorite graphics yet.
What great graphics by Zoolatry! Excellent.
What a fun time, a mouse hunt. Mum wonders how well you did on the motorway with the tractor. She has ridden in a coach on your roads and can't imagine having a tractor on the road. Teleporting is easier!
hehehe, what funsies! Huntin mousies ROCKS and that's so cute, that mouse givin you a kissie! Zoolatry does such adorabble photoportrayts!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Whoa, that was very nice of you to pick up Fat Eric and have a mouse-hunting party together! Momma says that is very aristocratic of you, to go out to the country estate for a hunting party.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. to answer your question about my back leg sticking up: I had started working on the bits when I realized that the front paw still needed a touch-up. That's why my back leg was sticking up while I was washing my front paw.
Wow, that is a great adventure the 3 of you had!! Love the pictures of your adventure, too.
Oh, cool, it's Jerry! Haven't seen him in such a long time! Great pictures, guys!
What a cool time you guys have! Mousing is an all time favourite activity for us kitties but to be able to do it in the hayloft is to put it in another dimension.

Driving a tractor, woohoo! What fun! Great pcitures from the Zoolatry, as always!
wow ... u hadda grate time lookin fer mowsiez!
i luved lookin at all da pikshurz!
What an advenchur yoo guys had. Yoor lucky dat yoo gots to drive a tractor, Zippy would love to drive again but mom is what daddy calls "vijilint" about what she's doing in da car. Oh, and no more stick shift so...Zoolatry sure does nice grafiks too!
That was just the best adventure I've seen for a while!!!
Imagine a mouse blowing kisses! Hahahahahaha!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Wat a grate advenchur!!! And that dreem u guyz had wuz reeeely weird.

Luf, Us
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