Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Strange Smells

Well there we were just walking down the track minding our own bizzyness when POW!!!!! Did you smell that?? Yup there's definitely been a stranger around here.
We've sniffed the concrete mixer furrom top to bottom and we're agreed on this. It's no smell that we rekkernize, so you know what that means. THERE'S BEEN AN INTROODER ABOUT AND WE DIDN'T KNOW !!!!

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whoa, be kareful my trippul layur oreo cookie cake. If thares an introodur planning to eat yoo that wuldnt be gud....akshuallie, that wuld be vary bad. Yer vary brave to go smellin arownd that big cement masheene!
Be careful that you don't get cemented in your furs. That would be furry bad!
I bet you could catch the stranger in no time!!!
i wonder what it was. did it smell like a dog. those boy dogs pee all over everything. or maybe a skunk. i got in the chicken box the other night and it was smelly. maybe it was chickens. hope this finds you well cuties! ;)
Ohhhhhhh a big smelly introoder. Whats he building?
Who was it? Will he be back???
oh no, you better set up the sir-vail-ence cameras!!
Wow Eric and Flynn! What a big introoder! I'd be scared! Oh, I found out yesterday momma and daddy's cousins are moving to England and want them to come and visit!
Purrs and headbutts,
Pee Ess ... I tagged you two for a meme, come see me!
An intruder? We wonder who was on your property?
What kind of intruder? A tasty one?
What kind of intruder? Does he LIVE inside the cement mixer? This is very intriguing.
Oh dear, an intruder sounds serious! How did he get by the two of you? I hope you give us an update, enquiring minds want to know what is going on.
Just checking to see if your Royal Kitty Trivia prizes had made it yet? ~Queen Snickers
An intruder? Uh oh guys. That can't be good! You need to investigate even more we think!
was it an intruder with fev-vers? 'cause that would be an intruder worth chasing. didja find out yet? didja?
Hmm...a mystery! It could have been an Evil Intruder Cat, I get some of those. Or a fox. I know it can't have been a skunk as someone suggested, because they don't live here! (unless one was on the loose from a zoo...)
an intruder???? Who could that be??? seriously, just bellyflop whoeever it is. That'll make em think twice.
Uh oh - you'd better keep a close eye!
Goodness, that sure is a big thing over you. Did you ever find out what that huge thing is? Sure would be careful around it.

Hey Flynn, how did you rate a blue thingy on your leg. My vet put a pink one on me. So glad you didn't have to have any teeth pulled. I had to have two of mine pulled.

Did you get to find any meecies. The lizards and frogs haven't come around here yet. Been checking everytime Mom lets us go out.

uh oh! We hope the intruder doesn't come back!!
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