Monday, March 03, 2008


Mancat Monday

Mum wanted to take a nice close up of my face so I posed nicely and waited until she wuz ready. Then just as she wuz taking my pikchur, I grabbed the strap on the flashy box. So she took anuvver pikchur, but the flash made me go squinty eyed.

Then she decided mebbe she wouldn't blind me wiv the flashy fing and took this pikchur. She sed that wuz much better.

In our Easy on Sunday post, some of you wuz asking some kweschuns.

Chey asked who wuz stretching out. That wuz me, Flynn.

Forty Paws asked if our vishus deer wuz prickly or soft. The furrs are coarse, but cuz they are so thick, it makes them feel soft, and they are very warm and snuggly.

Faz asked what happened to the vishus deer that lost it's furrs. Well we don't know the annser to that cuz the Beans only brought his furrs home. We fink that mebbe some peepull in Norway probly ate him, which meant he couldn't eat any joosy tender yung cats.

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very inneresting stuff there boys!

smiles, auntie bee
Mum has found out that if she uses the flashy box on the pre-flash mode or red eye mode I gets less squinty.
Flynn it was good to know. I keep thinking I can tell you apart but then I see only one face and not the other and I start thinking, is Eric really the one with the orange by his nose? Maybe I have forgotten or remembered wrong.
That's a great close-up in the natural light! The flash makes me squinch my eyes up, too.

I can see your tongue!
Flynn, you have very nice teefs to go with your handsome face!
Good job on putting the bitey on the strap :-D

When I take Sunny's picture, I also have to do the same thing as your Mum. Not use the flash. He always squints from the flash, too.
Better squinty eyed than blury headed!
You look very handsome in your close-up, Flynn!
Well done on grabbing the flashy box strap Flynn - it's one of my favorite things to do!

Those are very cute pictures! I like to attack the camera strap too : )
Flashy box straps are the best thing ever!
Haha love the fist picture! Momma is finally taking ya'lls prizes to the post tomorrow. Sorry it is so late! Hopefully it will fly across the ocean quickly! ~Queen Snickers
ooooooh, my handsome Flynn! I love those pictures, and the fangs are great! whatta Mancat!!!

I'd try to eat Riley even if she DIDN'T stick her tongue out at me. there's just something about her that says "attack me". oh, the Lady got me a sign to go with my cattitude. it's on the door to the room I share with the (formerly) Blonde Girl. I think I'll post it on Thursday Grrsday.
Mom tries to take pics without the flash when she can.She says we don't run away as much,hahaha!!
Purrs Mickey
My wat big toofs u haf!

Hhhhmmmm. Da vishus deer musta bin kilt durin da winter wen itz furs were fick.

Luf, Us
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