Friday, March 28, 2008


Fanks Samantha and Tigger.

Eric: Mum called us and said"Mail boys!"
I wonder what's in here.
Flynn: What's this Eric, where did it come furom? Let me have a look.
Eric: It's furrom our Florida Furrends, Samantha and Tigger. The mailman brought it. It's our purrize furr being their 20001st visitor.
Eric: Look Temtayshuns! We never had this sort befurr. They're all natural ingredients. Mmmm yummy. Let's see what else we got.
Flynn: Look there's a glove furr mum to keep her hand warm. I wonder what those fings are for on the fingers.
Eric: Don't be silly Flynn. Can't you read? It's a Finger Zinger and it's furr playing wiv us. Anyway I can see Stinky Goodness. Look it's Fancy Feast and it's Yellowfin Toona.
Flynn: Ooh that sounds lishus. Look there's two balls to play wiv too, and some lovely postcards furr mum of where Sam and Mr. Tigger live . Haha one sez FatCat, I fink it's talking about you Eric.Oh and look at those little kitties.
Flynn: This Finger Zinger looks good.
That's better, I can stretch up and catch it now.
This is fun. Fanks efurr so much Samantha and Tigger furrom bofe of us.
Mum told us to say that dad took the last two pikchurs, and she finks he must haf had his finger by the lens cuz there's a dark patch. At least he didn't chop my head off. He's not furry good wiv pikchurs, but he's better wiv the video.

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Wow, what a fabulous prize package! :) Aren't those glove toys fun? Enjoy your new treats and toys! :)
Samantha and Tigger sure know how to send a cool package!
WOWIE! That a great prize package. Sam and Mr. Tigger ROCK! Have fun with your new toys!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
yeah, chopping off heads in pikshurs is bad. 99% of our pikshurs look like that when mommy uses the flashy box.

those is some great toys!
What great toys! Isn't my Sammie-Pie the best? ;) (Mr. Tigger is one cool mancat, too.)
That's a great prize package!!! Thank goodness your customs people didn't STEAL YOUR TREEEETS!!!!

Luf, Us
What a wonderful surprise package you guys got. It looks like you were having a great time playing with efurryfing.

Now those are some nice toys! Aren't you lukcy!
That is a great surprise! The glove looks super fun.

Happy weekend to you guys!
Those are some very good prizes you got! Flynn, you are a little silly to think your mom would wear that glove to keep her hand warm. Heehee.
dose toys are super!
Wow are you guys lucky! What a great prize package - have fun with everything!
woohoo!! she got them, she got them, she got them!!! oh they are sooooo good!!! temptations are great. sorry, not on topic but i had to thank you guys!!

Furry cool!
Wowzers!!! Look at all that loot:) You guys will be busy for a while,heehee Have fun and congrats on yer prize!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs mickey
Those are really neat prizes!
Yippee!! We are glad the package made it to you all in one piece! We were not sure if customs would let the cat food through, but we are glad they did!! So glad you liked the glove thingy!! They are such fun! Have fun with everything!
Your FL furiends,
Prizes! Wow, yoor postal beans din't steal yoor stuff? Yoor soooo lucky.
Those are great prizes you two got!
what great prizes! we wanna get one of those glove things cuz we like to bite dangly stuff and plus the people are gettin' annoyed with us all the time biting their fingers.
Rascal & Riley
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