Sunday, March 30, 2008


Easy on Sunday

If the sun is shining but it's freezing cold out, don't worry, just find yourself a nice big plant pot in the greenhouse. The greenhouse makes a very good giant litterbox too.

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Watch out Eric! A plant might grow up and poke yoo in yur belly!
That pot is just your size!
Hahaha! It looks like an Eric is growing in the greenhouse. I like your idea of using the greenhouse as a giant litterbox. Natural fertilizer for the plants.
Looks very comfortable indeed! Have a great Sunday!
You look very comfortable in the greenhouse, Eric. We hope it warms up for you!
What kind of seeds do I need to plant to grow myself an Eric plant?
Greenhouses are perfet! Toasty warm and you lave lots of windows to se what's goin' on:)
So, what's ya plantin' ? heehee
Better not answer that ;)
Purrs Mickey
Mom! We want a greenhouse!! Actually, we have big plants in our house, but our mom puts big rocks on top of the soil because sometimes we get confused and think they're litter pans.

What kind of seeds do yoo use to grow a ginger cat? Or did yoo pot some ginger root?
I fink that you fit perfectly in your pot Eric! You look very comfortable too. It must be nice to have your own greenhouse to use as a litter box.
Oh my scrumpshus oreo cheesecake mancat, yer errrr...muskulur mancat body is akssnchuated in that piktur of yoo on the pot. I bet the plant get quite a smellie surprise if they are unluckie enuff to grow up next to a stinkie. Haha! -rosie
Aw your poor mom bean looks like plenty of good potential litterboxes there! But yes a nice greenhouse is a good place to stay warm on a cold day! :)
You look comfy in that pot Eric.

Was it really cold in Devon today? It was beautiful in London, warm and sunny with blue skies, everyone was out in the parks enjoying the spring flowers! My humans walked across Blackheath and saw lots of people flying kites.
You guys look so comfy. FYI you are Sunday Guest Star this week!

You look great in that pot! And it's so nice of you to fertilize the place for your beans.
guess what, my terameesu hottie? Karen Jo rote a Kitty limerick abowt our sucsessful long distunce catship and how we travul far to visit eachothur!
Wow Eric, you sure have that pot covered well!
Cute looking plant you make, Eric, a furry one, too!
Hehe that is so cute!! The beans must love that you help to fertilize the plants for them.
Hahahahah Eric, great job! The butler HATES it when we dig up the soil in his pots, hahahahaha, but who can resist, right?
That looks nice and toasty warm where you are. Good spot!
Gosh, look at all those litterboxes!
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