Monday, February 18, 2008


Mancat Monday

Just listening.

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We hope all that listening paid off and you were able to catch some mice! You look like you are concentrating really hard.
oh gosh you are a handsome mancat!!!

smiles, auntie bee
what do mice say?
Hahahahaha - lots of mice???
Congratulations Eric to your winning Monty Q.'s contest! That was the sweetest picture ever!
Listen and learn.
Must be the mice!!!
What did you hear?
I sure hope you find a nice big one!!!

Flynn, those are terrific photos of you listening for mice. We hope they were some mice and you were able to catch them!
Hear anything good?
Any mice?
How very mancaty!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Didja get a mousie? Zippy sez mousies is noyzee sometimes.
Sometimes, if I listen very very hard, I can hear little lizard toenails scratch, scratch, scratching to get into my house!
What do you hear? Is it a mouse? I bet its a mouse.
Oh yes... your ears on on red alert. Such a hunter!!
Did you hear a mousie?!?!
What a mighty hunter you are! I can almost feel you listening for those mousies!

Purrrrs, China Cat
What is it?????
Did you hear anything?
I bet you two are the best mousers ever. All I ever see are the felt ones. Just once I'd like for one of those real ones to wonder into my livingroom. I'd give him a warm welcome. It's nice and warm in my tummy. Ha, ha, ha.
I hope you got one, Flynn!
Awww. Such a sweet picture!

Luf, Us
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