Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Just mooching around

We have had good sunny weather furr the last week and a half, so we are going outdoors as much as possible.
There are lots of interesting smells to check out like bunnies, bajjers and foxes.The vishus deer don't yooshully come up into this field, but we'll have a good sniff around just to make sure.
Then sometimes we just sit in the grass and enjoy the fresh air.
Mooching around doing nuffin in purrtikkler is fun.

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Sometimes I wish I went outside. Then I remember that it is freaking terrifying out there. Then I'm glad I'm an indoor kitty.
Eric and Flynn~!
I like seeing you mooching around. You both protecting your property well~! I am sure there is no little movement could escape from your eyes!
i hope no vishus deer come around there effer!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Ooooh you two are so lucky to frolic and mooch around there in the green grass!
I am glad that ya are havin nice weather, ya cannot get any bad weather because it is all over here where I live. This has been one crazy winter, rain, freezing rain, snow, and no sunshine ever. Argh! And that is all in one day. Hope your package get to ya soon. Daisy received hers this last week but yours has further to go.
i'm sooo jealous of the green grass you have there. it just started snowing here about 30 minutes ago. it's all muddy and wet outside here. you guys look nice against the green.

Stay away from those foxes! I bet they are not nice. I think you look like you are having a grand ole time!
Yer the hottest Moochin arowndur evur my ginjurbreed pudding Eric!! -Rosie
That looks like such a wonderful place! You are both very lucky!

It looks like you are enjoying your walk. Have fun while the sun lasts.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
You moochers look good against the green grass. I bet them bajjers and foxes are scared of you big manly cats.

Poppy the cicada hunter Q
Aren't the badgers and foxes kind of dangerous? Or are they tasty. I have never tried either.
You two are some of the bravest cats we know!! We have never seen anyone to explore outside so much. It must be scary sometimes.
Wow! If I didn't know better I'd think that was a picture of you two taken outside in the spring. It's beautiful outside where you live!
Your grass is so green! It really sets off your gingery furs.
We don't suppose you want to share any of that green grass? We're tired of looking at the brown stuff here. Hurry up spring!

jans funny farm
Maw ist always amazed at how green your fields are. So pretty!

Bajjers sownd skeery too.

Luf, Us
I agree, that is the best sort of day. I read your postie to Coco and now she thinks you guys live in Heaven, with all of those bajjers and bunnies and foxes to smell.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
To us, the out is a scary place, but Mistrie luvs it. YOu guys are quite the twosome!
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