Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's great to be back

The last week has been terrybull wivout our compooter conneckshun. We didn't like not being able to visit out furrends. Mum wuz getting all crabby too. She took us furr so many walks, she neerly walked our socks off. Some days we just lazed around.

Then dad would snorgle us.

We walked so far we wuz glad to have a rest.
We walked all around the fields and looked at the spring flowers growing in the hedges.
And best of all, I found Eric's seekrit hiding place in dad's tractor.
But even better than that, We're glad to be back, and we missed you all.

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You have been missed! Mum says she has only visited your world in the spring. The daffs will be blooming soon.
Oah Eric and Flynn~! I miss you both too~!!!

I love that one your daddy use your fur to wash his face, that is the thing Michico also will do to me~!!!

Your daddy is very very adorable, and thanks for your mommy shot these very precious photo to us!!!!!
Oh look at you two looking so cute snuggling! I am glad you are back--you can only snuggle together so much!
yay!! we missed you guys. eric and flynn withdrawal is never good. everyday i line up our cats and make see your remarkable size. i'm hoping they will start gaining weight. i also make them watch your videos. maybe they will learn about mousing. glad your back!

gerald the cat loving goat
yay! and lots of fun pictures too! welcome back, we missed you!

smiles, auntie bee

I've been worried about you. I'm really glad that you are back.
Welcome back guys!!!!
Yippee, you are back!!! We missed you and your cute selfs! Ah snorgle, our Mom does that to us!!!
Your FL furiends,
Welcome back, you sweet boys! China Cat & I missed seeing you! If you have a chance, come by for my 4th birthday tomorrow!

Purrrrs, Willow
We missed you too. You look so nice, and we love the picture where your dad is blowing raspberries on your stomach.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Yipppeee the ginga ninga boys are back!!

Great photos, especially the daddy snorgle.

Nice walking and glad to see the spring flowers are arriving.
Welcome back! You've been missed. Those are wonderful photos. :) The spring flowers are pretty. :) Merlin doesn't mind being snorgled, but I'm not overly fond of it.

Welcome back!

Snorgling is a good way to loose your face in my household. I do not tolerate snorgling at all.

I know how it is when the internet is down. Makes you want to study smoke signals so you can still send messages to your furrriends.
YAY! Welcum bakk. Iz happy yoo gots yur puter wurkin agains.
So glad you guys are back! Our Mom Bean gets crazy when there's no computer connection. Right now she needs more memory because this one is very slow and it makes her crabby. We hopes she gets more memory soon!
Yippeeeee!! We are so excited you all are back. It sounds like you were very busy exploring while you were away.

Please don't go away again!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
I have missed you guys a lot, too! It looks like you were kept pretty busy last week, but I am SO glad you are back!
We missed you! It looks like you kept busy and spent your time away from the computer wisely.
I see your Mom took lots of pictures, too. I especially like the ones of you two in the field :-)
Good to have you back, guys. Nice to see you're getting flowers already, too. We're still buried in snow and won't see daffodils until mid April.
I am so happy that ya two are back. I miss seeing your cute little faces. It looks like ya did get some rest after those long walks. I don't know if ya have any plans for Valentine's Day or not but Momo kitty is planning a Love Cruise, be sure and stop by. I have my dress picked out. Hope everyone likes it.
we missed you too guys! we is very happy you're back
I am glad you guys are back! I guess you got lots of naps when you could not blog. Hey, what is a snorgle? I want one too!
Yur Dad's a great snorgler. We think yur Valentine to him is da bestest.
Welcome back! I miss you two. The spring flowers are pretty. Hope to see you at the Valentine boat cruise party! It's on already.
We haf missed you guys too! Yur daffdills r bloomin? Wow!

Grate snorgle ackshun!

Luf, Us
We missed yoo guys! Wow, yoo gots flowers bloomin? We gots 7 more inches of snow yesterday. It will be awhile afore any flowers bloom here.
A Snorgle? This looks like an excellent opportunity for whapping! Ears that close to your paw, you can't resist, can you?

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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