Friday, January 25, 2008


Who's been here?

Lately it's been raining and raining all the time so mum hasn't taken us furr our walks.We still go out in the garden as much as we want to, but it's not the same as the freedom of the open fields.Yesterday it stopped raining so mum called out,"Come on boys, walkies" Well we ran through the gate as fast as we could. It wuz wunnerful. The only trubble wuz when we got to the hedge we could smell a strange smell. There's been an introoder around while we been behind the purrizen fence.If we find who it is, we're going to give them what for.

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I am very happy for you that the rain is stop!!
Taking walks is very happy things~~~
Was it a vishus deer? Or a hedge-creepie? or a hare? Or a woofie?
Oh no, that intruder had better watch out!!!

Mmmmm I wonder who it could have been.
New smells are the best!
Oh boy!!!!! Did you guyz lift yer tailz???? I will come right oevfur & helps you dat...dere iz nuttin' like it fur satis-faction. Peein' in da wild!!!!
We are glad that the rain stopped and you were able to go for a walk. We hope the intruder stays away!
uh oh, some intruder is in for a rude awakening! hee hee
Oh no, not an intruder. We wonder who or what it was!
intruders two can handle any thing! and then go back in the house for a snuggle with your mum and dad.

you guys look great!

ben & lucy
Both of you guys run dat introoder off!

I can see you are working very hard to figure out who it was.
What did you smell, what did you smell?

Thank you for tagging me for the meme, I will do it this weekend!
Well, dat introoder had better just watch out! Zippy's been getting a little bit of cabin fever. Mom hooks her up to da leash and opens da door but she don't wanna go out in da cold!
It was very, very RUDE for an intruder to go into YOUR yard! I hope you find him and teach him a lesson.
Do you need any help? We can make a posse!
Uh oh! That's what happens when you can't guard your stuff all of the time!
An intruder?!?!?!

I'm sure you'll give him what-for!
Gooood picture; we have put pictures in your mailbox...
My, intruders? Good thing the two of you are on the case!
cat walks are great! my humans cats like to play hide and seek under the shed and in the hay field next to it. they take turns hiding in the field while one hides under the shed. they are nuts. of course since kira the cat had babies she hasn't been allowed out.

gerald the cat loving goat
Get that intruder! It is snowing here again, but not as much as in the Big Piney Woods.
whoa, yoo get em my handsum cheeze blintz with appul topping! And yoo help him Flynn!
Uh oh. That's not good. Maybe next time you go out for a walkie the intruder will be there and you can give him the what for!!
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