Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Go on, you can kiss my tummy, or snorgle or just a tummy rub. I won't bite or scratch cuz I like it too much. Go on, you know you want to.

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Yep ... you got me. I WANNA rub that wonderfully floofy tummy, Flynn. An' I like that you're winkin' at me, too!
You have a beautiful tummy...Thank you for stopping by to see my new little brother Jake.
Please stop back again soon.

Flynn mom wants to do all three to your belly! She loves tummies. I added you to the M-Cat Club Member List! Thanks for joining.
Mr. Tigger
You are right, I want to rub your tummy very very much~!!!
Oh yeah. Mom wants to rub dat tummy. Yur pawsies look so cute too.
Ah, Flynn!
I loves the tummy snorggles too!
So do I.
OHHHHH Yes!!! We want to rub that tummy too!
Wow, what a tummy! Mommy really wants to rub it!
Flynn, you have an adorable tummy! :) Certainly kissable! :) I like having my belly rubbed and kissed, but Dragonheart doesn't.

Flynn, You're looking good, but we're having trouble keeping Mum away from the computer screen - she just wants to snorgle your tummy...Sheesh! Humans...


Gypsy & Tasha
Hehehehe, Mommie lurves da way yur feets arr curly rownd da chare. Pwease Mommie no get any ideyas or imma start given da bitey agains. Haha

Iz tagged yoo fur a meme. Cum to my bwog to fin owt da detals
Erik and Flynn - you have to tell you mum to go to Petra. It is absolutely amazing!

I also like some forehead rubbing action.

Flynn, your back toes are grabbing onto that chair just like a cute little monkey!
Momma says to consider yur tummy scratched kissed and snortled...


what a cutie!
Flynn, you have one tummy that is begging for some rubbies and kissies! Momma added you to our blog list too, and it was fun chatting with you on Chatzy that day. I hope we get the chance to chat again, although momma has no idea when people are chatting, since she is still pretty much of a novice at this blogging stuff ... hee hee!
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Flynn, you are so adorable in that picture :-D
Yup! Tummy rubs are great!
You look so cute in that picture. We will let Mommy come rub your tummy so she will leave ours alone!!
Flynn, my mommy says she'll be right over!


She's a sucker for tummies.
Awww Flynnie! That's so cute the way you're wrapping your toesies around the chair rung!

Luf, Us
the human is all over that tummy!!! And even I have to admit that I want a snuggle! xx
SS wants to do all three! What a floffy, beautiful white tum-tum! Thanks for coming over and supporting the Pats. I know nought about american football; I just support kitty teams and cheer for my friends.
Tummy scritches!!!
Yes mum gave you lots of cyber tummy rubs.
hehehe, whatta great tum! Momma wants to rub and scritch and snorgle yur tummy! I like tummy rubbies, too.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Outstanding tummy shot!
Well get ready then,here comes Mom and she's ready to snorgle!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Oh, Mom can barely restrain herself from reaching out and giving that tummy a good scritching!!
Too cute! If the Lady could reach you, she wouldn't hesitate!

(I hasn't furgotten the meme. I'm gonna do it soon as the Lady lets me. purrrrs!)
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