Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tired Tuesday

When you've had a hard day patrolling the garden furr birdies and mousies, it's nice to just come in and put your feet up.


oh i want to take a nap too!

smiles, auntie bee
You guys look EXHAUSTED!! I bet you both did a lot of hard work today and made lots of great catches.
You two are working too hard.
wow, I can tell you two are working very hard at patrol. you take a nice nap so you're ready to go next time!

thanks for purring for Sonny, the word is not good, so any more you can spare would be appreciated.
Oah Dear~!
I can see you very very tired~!
Have a great dream!!!
I am so jealous you got to go out of doors!

oh my peach cobblur slice of heavun. Yoo need a nice bakrub fur all yer ruff hunting werk yoo do. I'll take my jetpak over rite away! -rosie
You did have a lot of work. I think you are very lucky to have such nice places to nap after all that work you were forced to do.
Did you catch any mousies boys?

You sure look all tuckered out.
Both of you look plumb tuckered out. You must have had a great day hunting birds and mousies. To go along with the hunting, my word verification is "shoot". Hee-hee.
You look a little tense. Take a longer nap.
All tuckered out, for sure. That's hard work, we've heard.

Audace and Ruse like the looks of your perch there -- the carpeting looks well used, and that's how they like it!

Purrs from Grace & Company
Resting is always good!
If you play hard, you MUST rest hard, too.
Boff of yu knoos how to play and yu knoos how to nap...dat is juss rite furr kitties....

no wonner you two are so tired. you've been working overtime being cute. we've been checking out all the posts we've missed recently. purrs!
You two look very tired out. I hope you got good long naps in :-)
You guys deserve a good rest after all that patrolling!
You do look knackered! Take a good rest.

In answer to your question, Devon Grandma lives just outside Ottery St Mary, so quite a different part of Devon from you.
It is very important to take breaks when you are working so hard. You don't want to get burned out.

Scoot over guys, I'd like a spot too!
Not just yoor feet, yoor whole body!
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