Friday, January 18, 2008


Shrinking Flynn

Mum wuz on the other day that Flynn had put on two pounds. That means he's only five pounds lighter than me now instead of seven. I don't want him catching up wiv me. I'm the big Mancat around here, so I turned my laser eyes on and gave Flynn the full power of them, and I shrunk him. Don't go looking in my eyes furr too long efurrycat, or you might end up shrunk too. Hehehe.

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you can shrink me if you want! ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Can you turn your laser eyes on my human? You could make a fortune doing that for humans you know!
I want to be shrinked by your laser eyes, too.

You are too cool~~~~

I'm not scared, Eric! I'm already shrunk, hehe! :P

Eric, I tagged you for a meme! Come over to my blog for all da details!

Mom wants to know if yoor lazer eyes work on bean butts...if dey do yoo could get rich enuff to buy a temptayshuns factory and a whole greenhouse fulla nip!
You can shrink my tummy if you like!

I have given you an Award! Please visit mine bloggie to collect it:) xxx
Oh, oh! I won't look at you then, but I'll get SS to stare at you all night. She neeeds shrinking badly! If it works on beans you'll be in big, big demand.
OMG!!!! How did dat work??? I would like to turn da lazer on da MAxi & shrinks him down to size...hahahhaha. But I knowz you guyz iz good you must justee be kiddin'?
Wow, Eric, you have very powerful laser eyes! Maybe you are a Goa'uld? You have the Goa'uld glowing eyes happening, and maybe Goa'uld technology shrunk Flynn! :D
Mommy says that you can give her the laser eyes!
Bwhahahaha! Dat's funny. Yoo guys are too funny. Can yoo come ofur an put dose lazer eyes on da big claws in owr sink?
G'day Eric, We just had to 'intervene' with our Mum and change pages on the computer, 'cos she wouldn't move off your laser eyes photo. You are going to be one rich mancat,


Gypsy & Tasha
I second Zippy's comment...if your beams work on beanbutts then you could make a lotta green papers...
The Zoolatry Human concurs with all the other commenters above:
do you do human work? It would be most beneficial and greatly appreciated in this household.
you can shrink our mommy's butt too! it takes up too much space on the couch. hahahahahahahaha

Flynn, is you ok? what's it like to be shrunk?
Those are some powerful laser eyes!!!
Whoa, Eric, I didn't know you had such a dangerous weapon. I need my gravy to make it through the Ithaca winters. You are lookin' good and tough there, buddy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Wow Eric, that is a great talent. Can you teach me how to do that? I want to shrink Dante - he could use the shrinking too the fat cat!

-Capt Jack
That's cool! Can you do that with Gatsbi, Annie, and Smokey for us?

Luf, Us
Mom says we could use those fat shrinking laser eyes over here. I think she's crazy. HB and I are just fine the way we are.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Eric, those are some mighty powerful laser eyes you got!
Eric the super shrinker!! You looks like a superhero to me.
I'm volunteering The Mom for any butt-shrinking experiments you might have going on. heh

Hee hee, it sounds like a new movie: "Honey, I Shrunk the Flynn"! My mom says you need to come over here right away and shrink me before I take on the shape of our house!

A shrinking Flynn? That is amazing!
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