Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sassy and Momo's competition

As I am sure you all know, Sassy and Momo went to Purdue University to study to go in the Space Shuttle. Don't they look great in their outfits. We had to guess what they were doing, and I guessed early and nearly got it right, except I didn't guess that they were going to do repairs in Space as well.Our good furrend Daisy got it 100% right though. I got a Certificate of Excellence with an honourable mention for being close.
Daisy and I got a tour at NASA and the chance to wear the spacesuits when we were awarded our certificates. You can see us here with Sassy and Momo, and also Opus and Roscoe who were the photographers.
Eric had tried to help me to work out what was going on so he got a Participation Award.
Thanks Sassy and Momo furr a great competition and furr the exciting tour, and furr our awards.

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Wowww.... a tour at NASA ~!
How wonderful ~!!!!!!!
I am looking forward to your interesting tour report~~
Wow! You got to tour NASA!!! Very cool!
Congratulations. Touring NASA is a great reward.
I think being up in space would be a ball!
Congratulations! :) Touring NASA must have been wonderful!
It was a great competition! I had a good time going on the NASA tour with you, too.
Congratulations on your honorable mention, Flynn and on your participation award, Eric. Good work by both of you!
Hey! You guys were close to us when you were touring NASA. Well, relatively speaking. Anyway.

Luf, Us
Muhahahahaha! We cats will conquer the space!!
Wow, you guys got to tour NASA! That is very awesome!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Um, no one slipped and mentioned dat we cats is trying to take over da world did dey? Whew, good.
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