Monday, January 14, 2008


Mancat Monday

This is the Mancat watering hole. We take it in turns, one sits on the edge of the baff and lets the water run down his leg to drink, while the uvver one drinks it where it lands. Then we change over. We won't drink out of a bowl, it has to be a running tap.

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well that sounds like fun, i think i'll try it tonight! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Looks you both have great fun, hehehehe~!!!
I don't have tub here, so~~
What a terrific watering hole you two have there! A running tap sounds wonderful -- we'll have to bring this up with my Lap Lady!

Purrrrrs, China Cat
You two are really good about sharing. I'm impressed.
We like bathroom water at my house, but not from the tub. Mom put two blue bowls in the big bathroom, and we tell her to change the water twice a day for us. We like bathroom water the best.
Must be Monday already where you are!
That looks and sounds like fun! We like to play with the water from the tap, but we don't like drinking it, because Munich water is very hard and tastes horrible!
hehe, that's really neat! Brainball and Dorydoo both love drinkin watur outta the tap, too. I don't drink it frum the tap, but I love playin with it, and sometimes I efun get down inna sinkie!

Happy Mancat Monday!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Tap-schmap... try Perrier! It's not an unreasonable demand...
Me too!! I loves a tap. Dat is why my mum is investigating getting a Drinkwell Platinum fountain.

I comes and crys and tells mum if the tap is turned off. It needs to be on 24/7 - I have needs you know.
Your very own spa!
Dat's probly coz it's kinda like bein owtdoors wif da runnin water.
I make Momma turn on da faucet and den she cups her hands udder neaf and I drink from her hands....I have a well trained Momma, don't I?

Wow, grate waterin hole yall!
How funny!
Now that is teamwork!
That is funny - he, he, he. You guys are good brothers to work together like that : )
Now that is a waterin' hole befitting a couple of good Mancats!
Wow! We like our fountain but a watering hole that big sounds like even more excitement. We are going to have to take this up with managment.
You guys are such a great team! Way to go!

Luf, Us
You guys are funny! Great team! We have trained the humans to always have a big jar with fresh water ON the table (we don't drink on the floor!) but we will start trying to train them to turn on the faucet for us now, after this great example!
Thank you so much for coming to Miss Peach's tea party on board the cruise ship. It was great having you there and we hope you enjoyed it.
We stay away from the tubbie. We got baths in there before and it sucked. You guys are super brave.

Looks like you make a great team getting your water. Mom filled our bathtub before the electricity went out but she closed the door, she thought we might drown ourselves. Anyhow she did use it as the electricity was out for almost three days. Hey, it was so great talking to you on Chatzy yesterday. It looks like a lot more others like the place where you live. Mom loves to see the pictures of you when you are outside. Is it cold where you are now?? The sun is finally out here after a week of rain, but it's still on the cool side.

You two remind me of Brainball and Dorydoo! They love drinking out of the sink, too.

What an adorable picture! Happy Mancat Monday to you both. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Hee hee, that is a funny picture. My Mericky cousins like to drink from taps in the bathroom. I never ever go in the bathroom myself.
Come and see the photos I just put up from my holidays in Devon and Cornwall!

Does. Not. Compute.
Zippy loves to drink out of da sink in da bafroom but mom won't just let da water run cuz it would cost a fortune so she hasta go in der and say maaaaaaowwwww. It's a good thing she has such a loud voice, mom can hear her clear outside.
It's nice that you do that together, and take turns. Some cats don't know how to take turns.
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