Saturday, January 05, 2008


I'm not Happy

You may have noticed that since last Sunday it has been all Flynn, Flynn, Flynn. No not a single pikchur of me, and this is why. No compooter turned on. Oh yes, when Flynn wants to post there's no problem, but as soon as I want to use the compooter, it gets turned off. So in case you furrget what I look like, here's a pikchur of me, and the compooter's STILL turned off!! I will get my revenge if you don't change your ways mum.

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oh eric you are such a cutie pie!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Oah Dear Eric,

I am sure that is only coincidence ~!!!!
You look very very cute~~ How couldn't anyone let your blog~~~~ Certainly I miss you very much at last few days, but, Hey~~~ You show up~!!
I am very happy now :>

You do not look very happy at all!
oh my appul dumplin, this is horribul. I was so wurried Flynn ate yoo cause he gained sum wayt. Glad to heer yer ok!

Deer my chokolate trufful eric's mum- pleeze let eric blog cause he is fun to hear frum and VAAARY nice to luk at! Thank yoo. -Rosie
I think you made your point, Eric. You definitely look a bit grumpy in that photo. I think you should get to blog just as much as Flynn.
Eric, I'm sorry you haven't had a chance to blog this past week.

Thank you for your good wishes yesterday. I am doing much better. Dragonheart
Oh Eric,
You is right - your brudder is a blog hogger. We should see more of your handsome face.

Has a good weekend boys and keeps warm.
Maggy says, "I fully sympathize, understand and feel your pain."
Zoey says, "Too bad, I'm more
Hmmm. This makes me a little bit worried about how Pixie feels. But not that much.

Eric, we would never forget what you look like!
Hi Eric! You are so cute in front of the compooter skreen.

Luf, Us
I've noticed, Eric. I'm not happy about it either :-(
oooh I sympathise, something needs to be done! We need to take a stand against blog hogging brothers!

We've noticed, Eric and have missed you...
After the post about your weight, Mum has been dreaming about 37 pounds of ginger goodness sleeping with her.
Come on over, we can cuddle Mum and get treats!
Oh you are the very handsome big mancat with the orange nose! I know you, Eric. And besides the last post about Flynn wasn't exactly flattering. Do you want us discussing the size of your backside? I think not. So what have you been up to?
How could we ever forget what you look like, Eric? You're one handsome mancat.

We stopped by to let you know we tagged you. Stop by JFF to find the details.

Jan's Funny Farm
Well, dat's hardly fair now is it! Maybe next week can be all about yoo...I usually do da blog cuz, well, my sisfurs are kinda lazy~Speedy
You look handsome.....very nice shot..I think you need to get your mom to take more pictures of you!
Totally not acceptable Eric. You mum must give you time to blog. Each of you are worthy of being front and center on your posts.

P.S. Advantage of being an only cat, I don't have to share.
Oh that's not cool, not letting you blog. It's only fair that you get equal time!

~Donny and Marie
Hi, this is Trixie. I totally understand what you are going through.

Pyewacket just thinks it's all about her. :)
Not fair, is it? Easy to say for an only kitty!
As a last resort, you could have your mum draw up a schedule and take alternate days (like us at the moment) - then again, just muscle your way in when you're feeling neglected.


Gypsy & Tasha
This is inadmissible! You also have right to write!
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