Thursday, January 03, 2008


Go Away

What do you want, can't you see I'm napping? And take the flashy box with you. I'll close my eyes and ignore you, but be warned, you have made me flick my tail. NOW GO AWAY AND LET ME SLEEP!!


I is with you Flynn. My secretary tried a sleepy photo session tonight too!! I did the same thing, and then had to run away to a quiet spot.

Have a good sleep dude.
Beans should take pictures without flash~~~ We need sleep!!!
I hate it when they wake me up for photos... Sigh. And then I don't even get ear rubs...
Poor Flynn. So abused, aren't you? Call the RSPCA!

Luf, Us
oh no flynn! not the dreaded tail flick???

smiles, auntie bee
The tail flick is an important sign!
Yup, leave you alone its nap time. I have to post these things very often myself.

Yeah, what's with this flashing when we're trying to sleep? Isn't there a constitutional amendment or something to cover this invasion of our privacy?

jans funny farm
Oh man, I hear ya, buddy. I hate it when a good nap is interrupted with the flashy box.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
not the dreaded tail flick!
Oh, no, another nap disturbed by the dreaded flashy box. I'm glad you gave her the tail flick.
Oh for goodness sake. She just had to push it until the tail flick. My mommy does that too. They must learn. Perhaps laser eyes next time as well as a tail flick?
Not good to disturb a sleeping kittie. Did you get snow?
You know how humans are... they see you looking so cute all curled up, and they can't help themselves. Try to be patient with them, Flynn... the more they go ga-ga over you, the more good food you'll get!
I understand because Sunny is the same way when I'm taking picture of him trying to sleep. But oh my gosh, these are such sweeeeeet pictures of you!
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