Sunday, January 27, 2008


Easy Like Sunday Morning.

It was a nice day yesterday, we haf had two whole days wivout rain!!!
Mum took us furr a walk all around the feelds, and cuz we hafn't been furr many walks lately, we got reely tired.Today we are going to take it reely eezy. If we wore pyjamas, we'd be staying in them all day.

Hey steady on Eric. Are you dreaming of Rosie? Furr a minit I thought you were going to kiss me.

Oops sorry Flynn. Yes I wuz having a lovely dream about my Rosie.

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oh, my banana nootella crepe, I'm am blushing at the thawt of such a handsum mancat dreeming abowt me! And yoo evun got supur clowse to noosulling Flynn. Awww

Wow, a supur dupur walk sownds kul. Its a gud thing yoo two don't ware pj's cause yoo two are vary prowd to be bare furred!
oh you guys are SO cute!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Aren't you two so cute, ya put a whole new meaning on the word hugable. The mom of the house is goin to get your prizes in the mail on Monday. She has been a slow poke about it. There was some family thing and that kept her and the dad busy. All is well now so it should be on the way. Remember ya have to share.
Oah you 2 lovely fur ball sleeping together are so so adorable~!!!
This is such a lovely image~!!
You are so cute cuddling together, it just makes me want to wha--oops!--hug you guys!
Isn't it nice to have a snuggle buddy?!
Oh how cute. Yoo am dreaming of yur sweetie. Yoo better go see her or you'll be kissin Flynn.
I hope you are not getting urges like Skeezix is!

But then I love cats anways. XD

You two look like great pillows.
The Zoolatry Human is soooo jealous: we never cuddlesnuggle like you two... these pictures are just tooooo cute.
The two of you look so sweet curled up next to each other. :) We are glad to hear that you've had two days without rain, so you've been able to walk around the fields. :)
Thunder Bum?
You look like cloned rolly-pollies! Also, you have inspired us to go have a nice synchronized nap.
You made ML laugh and cry! We never hear "steady on" over here. That was priceless.
Ah, the curled back toes of total relaxation! I think I need to get myself some pajamas.
awww you guys look comfy

mu shue
Ah my human wants to come visit you and disturb both of you buy rubbing kitty bellies and hugging. She says you two are too cute!
You two are so cute - I'm glad you got to take a nice walk!
You two are so cute sleeping together. But Flynn, if Eric keeps thinking you're Rosie while he's sleeping, I'd find another spot to sleep :-p
Awwww. How cute! Watch out Eric! Flynn might put the bitey on you if you try to kiss him!

Luf, Us
Good thing Flynn woke up afore Eric actually put a kissy on him...Tho, we gerls haf been known to kiss our brofur. Just not while dreaming about handsome mancats.
You two are very cute together!!! Looks like you had a great sleep too. We hope you got lots of your energy back.
kissin' of your brofur. Icky!
Now Rosie, that's a girl for kissin'!!
Happy cats and happy dreams!! Whay a happy way to spend the daY!! Heeheehee
Purrs Mickey
So much ginger goodness in one place - it's so cute the way that you two snuggle up together,


Gypsy & Tasha
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