Friday, January 04, 2008


Fatty Flynn

Duz my butt look big in this box?
Mum weighed us today. She said she thought Eric had put on weight and that maybe I wuz getting a little podgy tum. The cheek of it coming furrom her. Eric was still 21lbs. She said she wished he would lose some, but at least he hadn't put on any more weight. Then it wuz my turn. Uh-oh. Four munfs ago I wuz 14lbs. Today I wuz 16lbs. mum sed "Oh no Flynn, yoo haf put on 2 lbs. Are yoo trying to catch up wiv your bruvver?
I'm sorry mum, but I do love my food. Look at it this way, yoo have two more pounds to cuddle.


no it does NOT look big honey pie! just cute.

smiles, auntie bee
I lost a pound since Russell moved in. Er, want me to send him on over?
No ya don't have a big butt, the camera adds ten pounds to humans so I'm not sure about us. Don't worry about it.
Also, I need to know if ya two are guessin for sure about Momo and my advanture or if ya were wantin more clues. Let me know. Be sure as ya only get one guess. I cannot say if ya are right or wrong but need to know if this is your final answer????????
Flynn, I think the scale was messed up! I'd demand a second weighing just to be sure. Anyway, you look marvelous.
You're just big and manly.

I think your mommy's limit maybe could accept you just like Eric's weight~~
So.... (shhhhuu....don't tell your mommy I Say that)
There is just more of you to love!
Oh dear guyz!!!

I tinks I may have cauzed dis weight gain! Doze darn fatty ducks!!! But y'know, da Delilah tinks she likes boyz who haz nice "squidgee" tumz!

Wink, wink.

Dr Tweety
no way! Yer vary slym Flynn! My pumpkin pie Eric is purrfekt too...he ways more cause he eats mowsies
Big is best and more beautiful and bouncy as anything!
There's just a little more of you to smoosh!
Nothing wrong with being beefy. You boys is fine - it must be too cold for exercising outside anyways. Save that for summertime.
Want to send some of that weight here? I weigh a whopping 10lbs which is small for a Maine Coon. My brother Loki weighs close to 20lbs!
Yooz not fat. Yooz puttin on da insulatyun fur da cold winter.
I don't think that either of you are fat. There is just more gorgeous ginger goodness to love.

The ladycats like some meat on their mancats, you know.

Sometimes I think moms don't know anything!
I do not think you or Eric are fat. You are just big-boned Mancats. I only weigh 6 pounds, but I have a big old saggy belly.
Mom made a similar comment today when she tried to pick me up. Maybe should try that line..."more of me to love". Hahahahaha!

Max S
Ooo, big handsome mancats! We love da big guys...Speedy is back up to 16 pounds, mom sez it's cuz it's cold out and we eat more.
No,the box dosen't make you look fat. It's just winter fluff :)
Purrs Mickey
Flynn, your butt does not look big at all! You are just a big handsome mancat : )
Thanks for visiting my blog today! You are quite the handsome mancats! I am quite fond of ginger kitty's, in fact four of my six kittens were ginger. ;)
You look like a wonderful, floofy mancat.

It's a well known fact that extra weight on mancats is just muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so the extra 2 pounds could just be due to turning some of your very few fat cells into muscle.

Purrs & Headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha
Just play thundering herd of elephants at 3:00am and when your Mum yells at you guys, tell her you're exercising because she said you were putting on weight. That'll teach her to weigh you!

Luf, Us
Tell Mum that was your 2 lb holiday weight gain and to stop such talk :-p The nerve of her!
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