Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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A pheasant!
Dad's golf course is named Pheasant Run. There's tons of them out there.
Oh wow! What a beautiful bird. He looks very delicious... um, nice! *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
An intruder, or dinner?

What a wonderful dinner~!! Go get it~!!!
Oh my gosh!!!!! What a perfectly gorgeous and tasty creature. We gotted your card today, thank you so much!!!

OOHHHHHHH he's purty. Purty delicious, I"m sure.
Wow, what a very cool bird! I bet he's lots of fun to watch!
That is the biggest and bestest fevver we've ever seen.
Great picture! Happy WW!
Yummy! That's a very big fevver!
Wow ! I have never seen one sitting on a fence ! Anyway in Belgium you see them only deep in the woods.
Oh look, dinner came to yoo....hahahaha

Abby and Boo
I haven't seen one of those in these parts in a long time. Thanks for posting it.

Happy WW!
Did he fall in your prison? Did Flynn kill him? That big bird would make an excellent dinner for you two :-D Yummy!
*drools* LUNCH!! *drools*
That makes me wanna POUNCE!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Now that's what I call dinner. FAZ
Get it! Get it! Birdie!
Uh Oh, he doesn't know what he's in for!
lunch and a toy all in one. we sure hope you invited him in. mmmm!

thank you for the card - such a cute picture! I've been staring at it an purrring.
Who called for delivery?
enemy alert!!! enemy alert!!! Kill it !!

MMMmmmmmmmm! I bet dis bird would be good wit some cranberried & hazelnuts stuffin. Although, in my latest issue of Saveur, it talks about roastin' birdz in da dry oevfun wit some rozemary & garlic. I could bring some of dat to Miss Peache'z tea party if you wants to bring dat bird wit you.

-Dr Tweety
wow! I have never seen one of those. My kitties saw a flock of 17 HUGE turkeys under the living room window. You really wouldn't believe the rucus they made. Can you imagine being a kitty and seeing 17 birds bigger than you? HA HA HA
Datz a big fev-ver on yur noo purrizzen fence! An it haz long tail fev-vers!

Luf, Us
I believe that I would be afraid to get too close to that bird - he seems to be much bigger than me! But oh, yum!

Purrrrrs, China Cat
Eric and Flynn! I wish you would have endulged yourselves with my AMerican mouseies! they are nice and fat from eating toooo much fast food! Thank you for coming to the tea party from so far away!
Thanks for the visit! We thought we would stop by and say to you guys. It seems we have a lot in common because we are brothers and we were ALSO born on a farm. Our farm was in Indiana, USA and we are "bit" older than you two though.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

Puuurs from Italy!
Opus and Roscoe
ps. We will get you added on our links list too!
Hi Eric and Flynn that is one big introoder!! We got your Christmas card it was beautiful!Thank you very much. Mom has ours ordered and we'll get it out ASAP. What kind of bird is that?
Your FL furiends,
But did you think "dinner!" when you saw the bird or was it just too big for you. My senior master brought in a magpie some years back. He was so proud of himself!
An enticing introoder indeed...
Lovely birdie! Yummy, yummy!
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