Saturday, December 08, 2007


My Tent

If yer Beans are too mean to buy yoo a tent, yoo just haf to use whatever yoo can find. This garden chair blew ofurr in the gales, I wonder if it will make a good tent.

I can't see yoo, so that must mean yoo can't see me.

I fink I'll just stay here hidden and wait furr Flynn to come along so I can pounce on him. He'll nefurr find me here.

If anycat would like one of our Chris Mouse cards please email us yer snail mail address. Our email address is on our profile page.

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you are right, no one can see you! ha ha ha...

smiles, auntie bee
Eric you are so creative. I think you humans should get you a real tent though--you could camp out then in the backyard! Wouldn't that be fun!

I like your tent!

Your comment on my bloggie mentioned that you didn't know what a Monte Cristo sammich was ... Oh, it's furry good. It's a ham, cheese, an' turkey sammich on white bread dipped in an egg batter an' then deep fried. When it's crispy, you sprinkle powdered sugar on it an' dip your bites in raspberry jam. It's heavenly an' they make wonderful ones at Disneyland in the Blue Bayou restaurant where the "Pirates of the Caribbean" are housed. Your momma might have had Croque Monsieur ... It's kinda like a Monte Cristo sammich.
Eric, it looks like that chair makes a cool tent! You are very creative to make use of the chair like that.
Eric, I hope Santa Claws brings you and Flynn a tent for Christmas!
I wanna play! I wanna play!
Where's Eric? He's all gone!

Bad beans. Tell them you want a tent like Miles' fishing tent.

Luf, Us
Oh! MomBean bought an extra kitty tent from IKEA, do you want it?
Eric, where are you? If you can hear me, please bring Flynn and LOTS of mousies with you!
I really can't see you Eric~!!
This is really a fine tent~! Hehehehe~! Have a great play time with Flynn for sure~!!!
I loves your tent.
*giggle*! That chair does make a good tent. I can't see you at all! We Ballicai love boxes -- we play box wars. Right now there is at least one box in every room in the house. Mom and Dad had company yesterday and there were so many boxes lying about that their company asked, "Are you guys moving?" (they aren't.) *smile*!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
That is the best part about hiding. If you can't see them, they can't see you....that is a cat rule.

why wuld yoo put a piktur of yer tent up withowt yoo in it? Oh, I undurstand now, my appul turnover eric. Yer tent is like the yummy crumbulie crust with frowsting and yoo are like the hiddun gooey shugary appul innurds. Vary clevur! -rosie
Cute! I do that too with fallen chairs and umbrellas left out on the porch to dry. Always get caught out though because SS can always see my swishy bushy tail!
Oh Eric, I do feel your tent deprivation pain!
My tunnel finally came (and it's a REAL tunnel, not just the bogus connector T thing!) and I am sleeping in it as I write this to you!!
Mosaic Lady finally got one thing right in 2007, and just in the "nick" of time, huh?
I think you are very creative and thinking outside the (tent) box in using an overturned chair as a tent.
Look how cute your ringed tail is sticking out!!!
You are a very smart cat, Eric, to use that as your tent. But what happened to you? In most of the pictures I can't see you. Where'd you go??
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