Friday, December 14, 2007


Fanks Mao

A while back we won the compytishun to guess when Mao's 300th Post wuz and he sent us a Shutterfly gift sirtiffykit. We deesided to git a photo book. The Beans were going on their holly days so mum said we better wait till they came back. Well we did, and now we got our grate photo book, and do yoo know what? IT'S GOT US IN IT!!!! Yep only us, no-one else. We're famous! We're so excitid cuz it's even got our names on it.
Look that's us when we wuz baby kitties.
Here's another page of us.
And another one.
And another one.
We really like this book. It's like getting an early Chris Mouse purrezzunt.
Hey look, that's me wiv my nip carrot.
Me and dad are looking at the pikchurs together. That's me and my fluffy cat.
And there's me and Flynn sleeping on the hyooman's bed.
Fanks Mao, it's a grate purrize.

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How cool! That is a great prezzie. are so lucky. That is a beautiful book and I love the pictures.
That is so great!!! What a wonderful momento.

I'm glad yoo liked it. I think evry cat shood git one cuz it's grate to be abul to look at pikchers of yerselfs. Espeshully win yer as good lookin as yoo two are!
wow that book is grate!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Wowww..... that is the most beautiful precious book ~!!!!
Oh wowie! That is a superduper bookie! How wunnerful of Mao to send you such a sweet prize. He's a great feller!

We Ballicai love the pickshure of you and yur Dad togethur lookin at the bookie!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I'd like to know whare I can purrchaus a Flynn and gingerbread-mancat eric book. I'd like to cuddul evary nite with a diffurent piktur of my vanella cupcake with sprinkles on top hubby eric! -rosie
Wow - what a great book! :) That's a fabulous prize! :)
What a sooper cool present. Could you finds out how you gets you one of dose?

You and your dad look so coote going through the pictures together.
That is wonderful! Those books are great!
This is fantastic... super duper, terrific...
Eric and Flynn

Dat wuz grate. It is a furry special book yu has and it's all about yu too.
Wow dat is fancatistic.

what a splendid pressie! now we can admire you admiring yourselfs--a sight well worth admiring!!

lovs & purrs from n-e-n-x

an' fangs furry much for the charming e-card--it is efurrsocute. mom hadda watch it three times!!
I love your photobook! I'm so going to have to get mom to make one for us. That's a great Christmas present.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Wow! That is the bestest Purrize EFER!

Luf, Us
That is a lovely book.
Wow! A book dat is all about yoo is a grate prezzie. Oh, yoor so handsome, look at all da handsome floof...
Those photo books are great! We made one and gave it to our grandma for a present.
Oh My Gosh!!!!! That has got to be the greatest present EVER!!!!!!!
Gosh, you guys really ARE famous!!
That is an awesome present! it looks like you guys are really enjoying it.

whoa! that's the coolest thing ever! I want a Book Of Grr. the people prolly won't get me one though. they're mad at me cuz I keep trying to eat my little sister Riley.
Dat iz da bestee ting I haz evfur seen fur a cat prize. Dat Mao really knowz his stuff. & I tink you lookin' into da laundry room when you waz baby'z iz pretty cute stuff.
That is SOOOOOO cool! I bet your humans will treasure that. I want one with me in now! Must go and mew at my humans until I get one...MUMMMMMMM....!!!!!

PS There's a rumour we are headed down your way for Christmas!
You guys got your own book, that is sooo very cool. You look very sweet going through the pages with daddy.
What a great gift. You two certainly are handsome.

We stopped over from Sassy's after reading your comment about the CCSI The Santa Caper. We have met a lot of new cats and dogs since Percy auditioned and got the part of an elf. You have a neat journal. We'll come back and visit now and then,if you don't mind.

Jan's Funny Farm
WOW - that is one of the coolest books I have ever seen!!!! WONDERFUL!
When you get tired of reading it come on over and watch the first episode of the new CCSI show - and then you can go back and read you book again! That's what I would do! Again and again! Such a great gift!
That's a gift you 2 will never forget. Mao did a great thing for you. It must be nice to be world famous!
Wow! I think that has to be the best book ever published!!

That's a great idea! Our mom started one of one of her trips once, but she never got it finished.

Lucky you, having your own book!

- from Pyewacket, Trixie and Tigger the FBI Cat, all from topcatrules.
Whoa thats so neat! You should totally autograph the book, since you're the author and everything

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