Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Nice Award

Hey look! We got an award furrom Peach Man. He sed it wuz cuz I had to go to the V E T and Flynn thought I wuz an alien, but now he knows it reely is me and we haf got ofurr our diffrunces. Now we are being nice to each uvver again. Fanks Peach Man, it is a grate onner.
We would like to nommynate Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's Lady cuz she is furry nice to look after those baby kitties and Lucy, efun if Grr and Cocoa don't fink so. Also we want to nommynate Jeter Harris cuz he is furry nice to Laffin and Laffin, and lets him tell us about his Sunday avenchurs.

eer e + f,
congratulashunz on yer award. it iz well dezerved.
thank u fer thinkin uv me. i'm nice to mi squillion becuz he iz da eaziest thing to get along wid! in fact ... he dezervez da "nice matterz" award hizself!
i'll post abowt da award tomorrow!
luv--yer frend--jh
hahahaha ... "eer e + f"
i fergot da "d!
Congratulations Eric and Flynn! You are both very nice, so you really deserve this award.
That is a very well deserved award! Great choices of nominations as well.

Congratulations! You sure are some of the nicests cats and you deserve this award very much! I am very happy for you and wish you a wonderful day!
concatulations! you IS nice!!
Concatulations guyz!!! So well deserved!!! You guyz r so kyool and now dat yur speekin agin, all is rite wid da werld!

Luf, Us
i am furry happy you both gotted this grate award!!!

smiles, auntie bee
congratulations! you're both very very nice and sweet, and our Lady says to say "thank you!" too. didja know that Lucy doesn't like my Blonde Girl? maybe it's cause the Blonde Girl smells like me, but Lucy hisses and swats at her just like she does with me.
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