Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My purrezunt

I had to go back to the V E T for a last checkup today and I saw the nurse this time. She wuz furry nice and sed my gums were healing nicely. She sed I had to keep to Stinky Goodness furr a few more days then I could haf Temtayshuns again and my Purina Light which I yoosed to haf in the mornings. Then she sed she had a goody bag furr me. I wuz excited!!!
When we got home mum let me see it. There were two types of crunchies furr keeping yer teefs clean, and some paper to chew up. Mum sed the paper wuz money off vouchers so I better not chew them. I wanted some of the crunchies, but mum sed I wuzn't allowed to crunch yet, so she soaked them furr me. I sed she could let Flynn try them if he wanted, and he crunched them rite up.
I looked and looked in the bag, but I couldn't find any fevvers or mousies. I'll haf to tell the V E T that yoo haf to put toys in purrezunt bags.
Befurr we went to the V E T's, mum put one of Flynn's blankies in the PTU. I wanted her to put Flynn's vishus deer bed in, but she sed if she did, there wouldn't be any room furr me. Haha, that's the ideer mum.Flynn wuz asleep on the Bean's bed, so dad picked me up kwietly and took me out to the garrij and put me in the PTU out there. When we got back, Flynn wuz still asleep, so dad crept in and put me on the carpet. Then they bofe sed "Hello Eric we told yoo we wouldn't be long." Then they went in the bedroom and sed "Hello Flinders, we're back", and Flynn stretched and sed to them,"I didn't know yoo had gone out, me and Eric didn't miss yoo." He nefurr efun knew I had gone wiv them. Then we went outdoors and played Roll in the Earth, and he nefurr hissed at me once.

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Presents are great! Vets are bad.
We are happy that you got a present AND Flynn didn't hiss at you this time AND you can have temptations very soon!!

~Donny and Marie
roll in the earth sounds furry fun! i might like that too expessally on a rainy day! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Eric, ya fooled the Flynnster? That's so great. The best part is when your beans said, "Hello Eric, we told you we wouldn't be long." That's too funny cuz you were really with them and they were helping you trick Flynn. Those are really smart beans that you have there. And Flynn really said, "I didn't know you had gone out,me and Eric didn't miss you?" Really? Cuz that means you really really did fool the Flynn Boy. He didn't smell the nurse on you at all? Wow, that was a very very good trick. I have to admit I was afraid that Flynn's nose would know that you were at the vet and that he would know that your beans were just trying to trick him. I'm so glad he didn't hiss. And your secret is safe with me. If Flynn ever asks me if you are up to something, I'll just say, "I wouldn't know, cuz I live way over here in California USA. I wouldn't know if Eric really went to the VET one early Monday morning when you were still asleep Flynn. Truly I wouldn't know. Sorry, I keep repeating myself. I just like the idea of tricking your brother like that. I never get to trick anyone. I'm going to ask mom if we can pull a fast one on Cookie, cuz she's the least likely to be tricked. She's always suspicious of everyone and everything. I'm just so proud of you Eric. Way to go... oh and your beans too cuz they're so smart to help you with all that. YOu best not let Flynn read today's post. It might ruin everything.
Tyler (the secret saver, not the tattler like my mom seems to think)
I am glad that you are much better now~!!!

* deeply hug * by michico.
Your beans are very smart.
Guys, we're so happy you're getting along again. Brothers should like each other and hang out together like Max and I do!

Yay!!! That's so great that Flynn didn't know you went to the V-E-T!! That wasn't much of a purresent frum da V-E-T. I'd komplayne too.

Luf, Us
Awesome I am so glad that Flynns towel worked and that your daddy could smuggle you away without your brudder figuring out you was gone. He's not so clever now is he?

You are right, the vet should always give you a present.
way ta go foolin' Flynn! we red all that stuff Tyler sed an we wuz laffin' lots.

we wanna haf a vet who gives purrezents!
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