Monday, September 10, 2007


Mancat Monday

I might not be as big a mancat as Eric, but I'm big enuff to say sorry to him and let him share my vishus deer.

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I am such a daft old moogie sometimes...thanks for catching that. I meant to type in Sep 16, at 3 pm your time:) Blushy
Oh i love your Oma had one just like was called a Hollywood Swing...I like your garden lots:)
Thanks for the visit and enjoy your quiet respite
I am glad that you two are friendly with each other again.
it is furry nice to share stuff like the viscus deer blankie...

smiles, auntie bee
I really really like your vishus deer blanket, it looks soft! The LL has been bad and not attentive to my needs this weekend so that means she didn't let me pick out a package for you two. She promises that this week she will get to the store, hopefully Tuesday. I have't forgotten you, its just my annoying LL being...annoying.

I love it when you show your sensitive sides!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Everycat makes mistakes Flynn. I know that Eric forgives you, cuz of how close he's lying next to you. Oh I'm so happy to see you two together again. It was really bothering me that you weren't recognizing him.
You two look so good together!!

~ Timothy
Flynn, I am so glad you are friends with Eric again. :) You both look very cozy lying on the vishus deer blanket!

It is good to see and Eric sharin the vishus deer blanket in harmony!

We knew yoo guys coodent stay apart. Eric went back to smelling like Eric (stoopid vet stink). Yoo guys are terrifik brofurs.
Flynn, it was very big and manly of you to apologize to Eric. I am proud of you. And I'm glad you are friends again.
it takes a big man to 'pologize!
It takes a big mancat to say he's sorry, Flynn. And now you guys both smell like vishus deer blanket! That's awesome.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Flynn, that is so sweet that you have apologized to your purrecious brudder Eric.

Luf, Us
we wants to put the bitey on that deer looks like it could use a lots of biteys and maybe some nibblings!

Awwww Flynn, you are the bestest brother ever! We are glad you and Eric are best buds again.
Your FL furiends,
you're such a sweetie! it's furry nice that you 'pologized. purrsonally, I 'pologize fur nuffin, but that's just me
Wowy - did you hunt down that vishus deer all by yerselves?!
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