Thursday, September 06, 2007


Furrends Again

When Flynn kept hissing at me I wuz so sad I didn't know what to do. I kept telling him to sniff my butt but he just sed more bad werds to me. Then I had a branewave. If I slept on Flynn's vishus deer bed I would smell like him and he would snuggle wiv me. He wuzn't happy about me sleeping on his bed at furrst, but he didn't hiss at me, he went and slept on the Bean's bed.
I must haf smelled like him the next day cuz when we went furr a walk wiv mum, he came ofurr and smelled my breffs and he nefurr hissed.
When we got back indoors we ate some Stinky Goodness togevver. He efun ate out of my dish wiv me, but mum wuzn't kwik enuff wiv the flashy box to git us eeting out of the same bowl.
I'm glad we're furrends again cuz I love my brofurr. I'm a bit wurreed though cuz I haf to go back to the V E T on Monday furr a checkup. Mum sez she's going to put one of Flynn's smelly blankies in the PTU when I go so I come back smelling like him. I hope it werks.

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Glad you two are furiends again. It isn't nice to hiss at your brofur.
Wonderful news! We are so glad you are furiends again. It's no fun being apart. That sounds like a good idea your Mom has with the blanket. We'll keep our paws crossed.
Your FL furiends,
I am glad you two are friends again. Brothers should always be friends with each other.
i am soooo happy now. i wus wurried about u 2 boyz...

smiles, auntie bee
Yay!! We're glad you guys are furriends again. It's furry impawtant fur brudders to be buds. Especially wen walkin in da feelds.

Luf, Us
oh yay, this is the bestest news in the hole wide werld! I'd rite more but I gotta go hug cheeto and tell him how much I luv him!!!! -rosie
Yay! That's super, yall. Brofurs are great :)
your bud Pepi
Oah Yes, I am so happy you get together again~!

Please come to sending email to michico about your sending address. The post card of your choice is ready~!
Hooray! I am so happy you two are friends again. That is happy news.
Congrats guys! You win my 20,000th visitor contest! Please send me your address ljparryATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you out a package. Any requests? Since you are some very nice big Man Cats I'm not so sure you'll fit in the donut bed I was thinking of. I have an alternate plan though....

Oh, we're so glad there's no more hissing at your house! Sometimes when one of us goes to the V.E.T., we smell like "doctor's office" when we come home and the others avoid the smelly one. After all, no one likes doctor office smell!
glad to hear you are friends! Although, if Baby Mao kept telling me to sniff his butt I would have to decline, respectfully of course!

I think the blanket will work you know, its what my human did with me and baby mao. Oh, wait a minute, I still hate my brother. Ah, nevermind!
WE are very glad that you and your brother are a team again!

happy Day!!
Eric I am glad Flynn has remembered that you are his brother and has stopped hissin at you. I guess you didn't well smell YOU!

hey - that's great news! but if Flynn starts hissin' atcha again on Monday, we've got a Lucy-sized box we wuz gettin' reddy ta stuff her into fur the trade.
I agree that you've given us great news Eric! And if it happens again on Monday, oh well, it's Flynn's loss to not get to spend time with you.
Oh Eric, I'm so glad that Flynn is friends and a brother again to you. It just isn't peaceful when you aren't getting along. And I'm also glad that you love your brother. We love to see pictures of you two together. I know that PT cruiser just isn't fun to travel in. So glad your blood test came out good and didn't have any sickness. Mom says that's important. My VET told Mom she wants to take some of my blood too. Sure sounds like you haven't been having much fun lately.

We're glad you guys are furrends agane. The blanky sownds like a good idea, and maybe Flynn cood go wif you to the vet and keep you compny, so it won't be so terribul for you and he'll kno you din't get abducted by aliens.

PUrrs & hugs,
Finny & Buddy
Smart thinking! purrs FAZ
I'm so glad that you guys are friends again! When EG came home from the hospital the last time, Momma rubbed me with a t-shirt and then rubbed it on EG, so he'd smell more familiar. It worked pretty well.

Oh man, I sure am glad you brothers are buddies again. We were real worried about you two here in the blogosphere.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh Eric, I am so glad that Flynn doesn't hate you anymore. Your Mum had a very good idea about putting Flynn's blanket in your PTU, that should help next time you go to the V-E-T.
I'm so glad you're friends again; friends are very important!
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