Sunday, September 09, 2007


Easy like Sunday

There's nuffin better than relaxing on yer swing on a hot Sunday morning.
Nope nuffin at all.
Yoo can see Eric unnerneath in the shade.
We're sorry we hafn't been visiting our furrends as much as yooshull, but we've been having awful conneckshun problums. We'll try to git around as much as possybull.
Don't furrgit to enter our 200th Post compytishun if yoo haven't alreddy done so.

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lookin very cute and relaxed there!! x
You look very comfortable and relaxed lying on the swing, Flynn. :)
Relaxing is an art, don't you think? You definitely look very comfortable!

That is so so relax,
I love it~!
Wow! That is a nice stretchy sleep!!
Look how lean and lanky you are!
All that Flynn-ercising has certainly paid off!
Oh man, that looks like a good nap right there.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Man, I want a swing!
How come Eric is unner da swing? Gess it wood get to warm if bof of yoo tried to sleep in da shade on top of da swing. Zippy does dat, lay in da grass in da shade all stretched out and snoozing.
oh drat! i want to sit on that swing and pet y'all... nice kitties...

smiles, auntie bee
Flynn, you look as relaxed as a wet noodle! I am glad you and Eric are having a relaxing weekend.
You've got that a'laxing stuff down. Good job!
Such a relaxing day all over the Cat Blogosphere! You look so nice on the swing. Tigger likes swings, I like grass! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Your FL furiends,
wow - that swing sure looks like a great place to relax. And we are so happy that you and Eric are going along again. Happy day!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
I need a nap after looking at you guys!
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