Sunday, September 02, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning.

Dad's trying to cheer me up. I'm not sure if I like this fing moving though.
Flynn still hates me but not quite as much. This morning he ate three mouffulls of Stinky Goodness befurr he hissed at me and ran away. Mum sez we all haf to totally ignore him when he hisses and then he mite git fed up wiv doing it. She makes a big fuss of him the rest of the time though.

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I'm glad that there has been some progress with Flynn. I hope he stops hissing at you soon.

You look very comfortable relaxing there.
flynn!!! hey flynn!!! start liking eric, okay honey. he just smells a little funny, dat's all, now be a good boy for auntie bee and go sniff his butt...

smiles, auntie bee
Poor Eric, I hope riding on the swing with your dad cheered you up. I am sure that Flynn will come around soon. He is being very silly to hiss at you.
He will get over it, Eric - I hope it's really soon!
Flynn, get over yourself! Eric, do you want to teleport here and chill out in my garden for some company while Flynn is being obnoxious? I don't have a swing seat but I have some garden chairs!
Oh you are very brave to sit on that swing thing - have a great Sunday!
I'll be more than happy to send Grr over to you. I've been trying to explore the house and Grr keeps trying to start fights. Don't worry Eric, Grr will make Flynn stop hissing. I won't bother sending that annoying Cocoa though. He hisses at everyone!
Your tail is up Eric ~ I think u r excited by the swing...
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Poor Eric! Flynn will come around and then you will be best buddies again.
You can teleport to FL and we will play with you!
Your FL furiends,
Snugglin' on a swing looks like a great way to spend a Sunday, Eric! I bet Flynn will realize pretty soon that he's missin' out on a lot by being mean to you.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Your dad looks really neat there! And by the position of your tail, I think you are liking it!

I updated the wall and added Kitty YumBum. What a fun name!

Tell Flynn it's his loss if he can't start liking you again.

And thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to know I still have some friends in this tough time. :)
I am so glad that your Daddy is cheering you up~!!!
We probably wouldn't like the swinging thing either! But it's nice that you are relaxing with your dad!

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