Friday, June 08, 2007


A walk on the wild side.

It wuz a nice sunny day, well no it wuz a furry hot day reely, so I deesidid to go furr a walk in the woods where it would be cooler.I looked furr Flynn to see if he wanted to come too, but he wuzn't around.

I heard a noise in the tree, but it wuz just too hot to climb up it. I just went a little way to haf a look.

Hello Mr. Skwirrow, I can see yoo on the branch. Yoo better fink yerself lucky it's hot and I can't be bovvered to chase yoo. I fink I need to go to the stream furr a drink.

Oh hello Flynn, I wondered where yoo wuz. Yoo must haf been sleeping down here to try and keep cool. When I haf finished drinking I'll tell yoo about my walk and the skwirrow I met.

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Arnt yoo guyz scairt of being eetin by vishus deer??? Are yoo brave or just insane???
You guys are so lucky to be able to roam free, momma puts on my leash and harness when I go outside, so I just pretend like I can't walk good and lay in the grass and look at the birdies I could be chasing.

Your Friend,
A walk in the woods seems like a wonderful thing to do on a hot sunny day. I usually just sleep : )
Those are some very great photos! Walking in the woods looks like fun. I don't have any woods to walk in. And if I walk in the everglades, an alligator might git me.
What a great walk! And your own stream to drink from! How great is that?

Luf, Us
What a lovely day outside. Glad you have fun.
What a nice walk in the woods. With such purty flowers, I would love to join you guys!
Oh that is a powerful big tree and purty too!

are there any yummy fishies in that stream?
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