Monday, June 18, 2007


Mancat Monday

Eric's been hogging the blog lately, so I said I wanted to be mancat today.
We wuz walking around the feelds, and I saw a skwirrow. I chased him but he ran up this tree. I can smell him on this branch.He finks he got away.
Hey Mr. Skwirrow, I'll be back. Flynn the Mighty hunter duzn't give up that eezily.

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wowie kazowie flynn,
yer lookin grate in dat tree! i would like to join u inna tree sumday!
luv--yer grate frend--jh
Wow, Flynn --- Yoo shood be givvin my big bruther Mao lessins on how to klime trees!
Great agility Flynn ~ You sure are a mighty hunter!
Cool, what a mancat!!!!
I never got on a tree.
You are a good explorer.
wow Flynn - you is a great climber!
It would be nice if they would share, but that isn't the case here, either.

Looking good there!

You make us jealous, you are so amazingly graceful in that tree! I am glad that you got to be mancat monday today!

Wow Flynn, you are a talented tree-climber!
That's amazing, you have such great balance and agility, I'm very impressed.

Flynn, you can come here and get all the skirrows. We have lots that live on the ground (and under it!). theylook quite tasty!
WHAT a mancat. Yoo is a mitey hunter, Flynn, and a grate looking mancat too~Sadie
You're a very mancatly hunter. That squirrel better look out!
What a pretty picture!!!

Eric sounds like Smokey. Always loosing his furrs everywhere!!

Luf, Us
Flynn, you are a very excellent tree climber! I am impressed.
You look very manly and steely in that tree, Flynn.
I can almost smell the skwirrow too Flynn! He thinks he's being sneaky, but you'll be watching and waiting, bwahhaaa! Ooops, Mum says not to do my evil laugh.
Is that anything like a squirrel?
a manly tree for a manly cat!
Flynn, such a tree climbing mancat you are!

Flynn, you are the most excellent tree climber that I ever did see! I'm sure you will find that squirrel that you were sniffing on the tree...
Hi Flynn--
Wow, maybe we're related! Momma never told me I might have English cousins.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
mmmm...have you ever caught one? we've got lots and they look yummy, but we can't get at 'em. bet they taste like chicken.
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