Sunday, June 24, 2007


Easy like Sunday

Me and my dad like nuffin better than relaxing on a Sunday.

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this photo is hysterical!!! good one. oh, and of course call me auntie bee, that's what i am! i declared it. auntie bee to all kitties in the blogesphere. they are all mine. my cyber kitties!!

smiles, auntie bee
that is why sundays were made, relaxin ~the fluffy tribe
Hi boys.

Boy -- don't you know it that Sundays are for relaxin'. Mondays aren't too bad either. And the rest of the week too.
Oh Eric, you must be very very exhausted! I am glad you get to nap on Sunday. My Mommie calls that position with both front legs extended "Supercat".
awww look at u little puddin! I want to come over there and give you a big squish!xx
Now that's the life!
You guys are very good at relaxing!

Wat a grate stretch-owt Eric!

Luf, Us
Yup, Sunday afternoon naps wif daddy! We love doze.
That's a great photo! You both look very comfortable and relaxed. :)
Very touching picutre of this~!
Hi Eric-
That's a good floppy position!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That sounds like the PURRfect way to spend a Sunday!
Wow, that picture has made us vote for a nap for everbody at our house!
Great picture, you look so relaxed!
Thanks for the purrthday wishes!
That's what Sundays are for. Relaxing and sleeping, playing and then relaxing and sleeping more. You tow look so cute.
Samantha & Tigger
This is Casper's Mom as Casper is doing the same thing as you two are doing in this picture, also Cleo, Patches, and Gizmo. So since Casper isn't posting it's up to me. Yes, the picture of the deer and the turkey were taken in our yard. Thank you for you very nice comment.
Wow, everyone is tired today! Terrific photo!!!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow
that's a perfect nap position! let's try another nap in next sunday!

ben fuzz
hahahahahahahahaha! this is great!
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