Saturday, June 30, 2007


Caught Out

Mum wuz gitting mad cuz she said that the slugs and caterpillars or sumfing wuz eating her plants.
It wuzn't me!! I'm only looking to see what damage they did. It's not my fault if the leaves slid into my mouf.


no it is not your fault honey. i know that. you would nefer do anyfing wrong and i know it! cutie!

smiles, auntie bee
Yoove got to find owt what the bite marks luk like in ordur to kunduct a propur investugashun into who is eatting the yummy plants! Gud fur yoo fur being proactive, Flynn!

Pee-Ess- Hi my fudgesikle ManCat, Eric! -Rosie
Yes, just checking for previous damage.

::whispers:: Did it taste good? hehe.
Wowee. That first plant looks like dandelion leaves, which is a weed over here. Do you guys have dandelions?

Luf, Us

Pee Sss. Reno isn't worried bowt da eye or da cat wid da big mouf. Nope.
Ha ha ha ha!
You were doing close-up inspections for tiny slugs.
hahahahaaha no, no, totally wasn't you, nope. Definitely not.

ha ha
Once they are damaged, those leaves are fair game!
No way it's your fault ~ leaves have a way of floating into the mouth ~ Congrats on your right answer in the cat blog's first quiz ~ check out today's quiz :)
Nope... not your fault about the leaves at all. I'm sure you were just leaving your scent around the garden so that the slugs and caterpillars will stay away.
Uh oh! I think your only mistake was getting caught, not the actual eating part.
sometimes you've gotta lick the leaves a little, to tell what kind of creature has been eating them. it's very nice of you to try to help. we know you'd never try to eat the plants. Cocoa never eats the plants here, and Midnight never knocks them over, and I never lay on 'em. we'd never do stuff like that.
Thanks for the visit! I did try to join the gorgeous gingers, but I couldn't get the email to go through :-(

I have linked you... hope you don't mind!
Momma puts salt on the slugs. I wonder if she is planning on eating them.

ah what sweet cats, one looks soo much like my max
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