Sunday, October 22, 2006



Guess what!!! We's teleported into the house while the beans are on theer holly days in Mericky an we's managed to turn the compooter on . We don't know how to download any pichurs, so we will just say hello to all our poodin frends, an we will see yoo all in anuvver week. We's had fun wiv yoo all teleporting ofurr to see us an we's had fun visiting wiv yoo. See yoo soon.
Oh Hello! I am glad you are safe and sound. I look forward to pictures some other time.
It's good to hear from you. Sorry you got locked up in the garage, but it will be over soon.
purrrrrrrrrr! glad you were able to post! we'll be over in the morning again...soon as the people leave *wink*
Grate to hear. We are luking forward to seeing yoo two again vary soon! Thanks fur the update.
We miss having regular postings and pictures from you. We hope your beans enjoyed the USA and bring you lots of great gifts. See you soon.

Yay fur Flynn!!! Yay fur Eric!!! I'll teleport offur wif Grr an them an see what mischief we can gets into!
Good to hear from you tow! The Cat blogosphere has been a lot quieter without you both.
Oh, it is good to hear that you are doing well, after such a long lock-up. Looking forward to when the beans are back and you can blog again.
At least we know you are OK being locked up in the garaj. Glad you could silently teleport in for the party. We had a great time.
We're glad you're doing well. we'll be over on the weekend for a quick visit.
Glad to here your okay.
Wow, you turned it on all by yourself? That is some great accomplishment.

So, is your Mum back yet? We look forward to hearing reports from the English countryside again.

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